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Kate Moss

Kate Moss by Mert & Marcus
Vogue Paris May 2011

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The Weeknd

The Weeknd is getting some play around the office these days as I continue my love for outlandish and campy R&B. It all started with Grand Theft and super group Gayngs. Now comes The Weeknd... It's a little confusing at first, the wailing of Toronto singer Abel Tesfaye is almost too authentic sounding but the lyrics are funny.
I'm pretty sure I hate this album, but I know I like track 4 "The Morning"

Pitchfork says:
"The group's penchant for druggy atmospherics is mirrored in their lyrical content, which is overtly sexual, narcotics-focused, and occasionally downright frightening. Debauchery is obviously nothing new in R&B, but this takes it a step further-- the drugs are harder, the come-ons feel predatory and lecherous, and the general feeling is self-hating rather than celebratory. On opener "High for This", Tesfaye handholds a partner through some strange sex act, singing, "Trust me, girl, you wanna be high for this." "Glass Table Girls" is pretty clearly about doing coke. Because we don't know these guys, it's hard to say whether these are real-life tales or imaginative storytelling-- you want to think the latter, but ultimately the anonymity makes it seem more disturbing."

Benjie says:
"sounds like Chopped and Screwed Beiber"

You can decide for yourself.
Download it for free here


Super Fun Times Friday - THSM Opening

Last Week at the THSM Opening

Photo by Vito
More Photos: The Hundreds, Meow

Work Space: Frank Delgadillo

Work Space is a bi-monthly video series revealing artists, musicians, craftsman and other
creatively minded people’s working or inspirational environments. Our goal is to take a
deeper look into the environments where these individual’s practice and hone their craft or
talent. - Work Space.

Fight For Your Right

How stacked is this? Official Trailer of "Fight For Your Right-Revisited", from the Beastie Boys'
long anticipated eighth album, HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE PART TWO.

Side Note: Oh, and thats Bobby Hundreds' Delorean -p

Best New Band Name! - Cerebral Ballzy

Best Babe Ever! - Daria Werbowy

Blank City

'Blank City by French filmaker Celine Danhier captures the do-it-yourself No Wave and
Cinema of Transgression movement of the late 1970’s and early 80’s. This riveting documentary
on the birth of the most exciting explosion of creativity to come out of Downtown New York
features archival footage and interviews with key players from the time like Debbie Harry,
Jim Jarmusch, John Lurie, Amos Poe, Thurston Moore, and the infamous Lydia Lunch.'

- Purple Magazine.

Movin' Like Berney

Fuck your Dougie I'm movin' like Berney.