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Then There's This Little Guy...

Abbey, Crystal & Eniko

Abbey Lee Kershaw, Crystal Renn & Eniko Mihalik for Vogue Paris.

2011 Vogue Paris Calendar

Daria Werbowy by Mikael Jansson
2011 Vogue Calendar

BTW: This is all I want for Christmas...

Little Packets Of Cozy

30 Thousand 100 Million

So good.


This Is My Scene

Watch this all the way through O.K. guys?

I Wanna Sext Yoouu Up

Quicksilver Canada Super 8 Mini D'

I fully support any videos that capture heavy concentration of North American male bondage.

Shawt Bus Shawty

I may have posted this before? It's lovely.


Gon get 'chur camera phone on it's a photoshoot...
Thx K.A.

Supreme FW10 Lookbook


It's Friday!

Don't forget to cooter cut before the weekend!

Happy American Thanksgiving!!

Patrick, please consider this.

Katsia Zinga

Katsia Zinga By Richard Bernardin
for Grazia

Got Me Some BAPES

00:46 <

Apple Bottom Jeans

Der Bratwurst

Eniko Mihalik

Eniko Mihalik for Rush #37.

Gucci Meng

Killer Christmas

Thnx Danielle.


Thnx Mila.

Stretchy Pants

Thnx Dave.

The Story Of Eames Furtniture

Gestalten.tv is proud to present an exclusive video interview with Marilyn Neuhart, author of "The Story of Eames Furniture", and her husband John. Both have worked with the Eames Office in various capacities from the 1950s. Having been in close proximity to Charles and Ray Eames as well as the members of the Eames Office and their patron manufacturers for almost 30 years, the Neuharts had the extraordinary opportunity to absorb their stories. At their Los Angeles home, they tell the tale of working with Charles Eames in Gestalten.tv's latest look behind the Eames.

Thnx Inventory.

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Your favourite.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss for Vogue Italia, March 2006.

How You Like Yo' Eggs?


Thnx Angela.

M.G. Video Days

Bones Brigade


Where do you live?

The Dangers Of Getting Stoked


They're just so happy.


Keenan is the next Bieber

If 50 cent was coming over to my house, I would have at least made my bed.


Skateistan: To Live And Skate Kabul is a beautifully shot film that follows the lives of a group of young skateboarders in Afghanistan. Operating against the backdrop of war and bleak prospects, the Skateistan charity project is the world’s first co-educational skateboarding school, where a team of international volunteers work with girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 17...an age group largely untouched by other aid programmes.

Public Label

LLL's very own special little guy Patrick Hill designed this. Happenis!
The Hundreds Public Label debuts Thursday, November 18, 2010.

Oh No He Di'int

California Sunrise

Via Saturdays.

Happy Monday

Thanks Juanathan.


Note the INVENTORY influence.

Oh No!

Anja Rubik & Lily Donaldson

Anja Rubik & Lily Donaldson by Mario Testino
Allure September 2010