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So good


L.A. public & private premiere's this week.
Vancouver premiere late September.

I suggest going. LLL will be showing love at both.
Click links for more info.

Totally sweet

Captured some serious screen

Freja Beha Erichsen

Freja Beha Erichsen for Vogue Korea September 2010.

Masha & Nadiya

Masha & Nadiya for QVEST #41.

Excuse Me While I Turnt Up

1. Cute song
2. Monica appearance
3. The ice, the flossy flossy
4. I can accurately guess that this is from game 3 of the 2010 NBA Finals
Just saying.

Valuable moves

Ali Carr

Dylan Rieder

Dylan Rieder Gravis Short.


Meow Nom's

Trash Humpers

Sexy Saturdays

Ultimate party. Ultimate video.

This is bananas


A Bay Bay


Vancouver premiere tonight.

King crab dad

RIP. Can't wrap my head around just losing half of who I am.
Thinking maybe a quick trip to LA this weekend could be good.



Grab your morning Intelligentsia. Skip the 5AM 'Bu thrash.
Cop a tarp and get gnarly on some flat.

The 'top


Maryna Linchuk

Maryna Linchuk for Vogue Germany September 2010.

Daria Werbory

Daria Werbory for Vogue Paris May 2007.

Freak like who?

Make a wish

3G feels welfare these days.

LLL Canada had a pretty fun time too

We took a night out with the fabulous Fellers & the Matix boys.

Surprise! It's OG LLL creater/contributer Kevin McCoubrey(sandwiched).
Too busy to blog but never too busy for a sweaty silver bullet.

Missed your face Stupid Patrick.

This is How my Weekend Felt

Bitching new ride and a fun time photo shoot with my favorite people in LA

Some More Shred