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Inventory Magazine

If you keep up with keeping up, then you probably already know about Inventory Magazine. For those of you who don't know, Inventory Magazine is a good read for the modern man who values clothing and product that provide both function and fashion. Formerly h(y)r collective (an online magazine) Inventory is now both an online and print magazine from here at LLL home-base Vancouver, BC. In addition to their daily online updates and the second print issue available in a few weeks for Spring/Summer 2010, Inventory will be expanding their online 'Stockroom' with the opening of a retail space in Gastown (Vancouver) come early/mid May.

(Covers of Inventory 02 Spring/Summer 2010 - ft. Beams, Margaret Howell, New Balance, Our Legacy, The Real McCoy's, Wm. J. Mills and Co., and much more...)

In fashion of the minimal worded ways of LLL, I won't say much more...BUT if you're into it, then I suggest keeping up and keeping an eye out for what the boys at Inventory keep cooking up for seasons to come.