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Abbey - Vogue Korea April 2010

Get it right, get it tight

I dropped Cheryl off for a day at the spa

Master mix

Like, have a good weekend K!

Lunch with Kevin

Talk about hard boiled Mcbewbs...

Post it..

Flower Travellin'

OK. So i'm not suppose to post anything or whatever because we're basically blowing up all over the interwebs and we're giving our website a complete facelift that's going to blow your mind and junk - but, like, esqueci me un momento here because the Flower Travellin' Band is just super great. You know, if you're into this sort of stuff...

Um, big thanks to Craig and Ja for throwing this on and blowing my mind after vaporizing it.
It's quite possible that i'm the only one on earth that didn't know about these guys.
Please don't yell at me Patrick, I simply could not resist this post.

Me likey....

Nitty gritty

And that's that

Just Jill

This one time

I let my friends play with me and they gave me mermaid hair!

I'm going to be so pretty in 3 years.


The cat show was great!

You missed out stupid Patrick.

My hair isn't actually all highschool punk-pop like that.
As if. It was windy.