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Do gay guys tell straight jokes?


Artist: Bill Thomas


Kevin loves kitties!!

Cerre FW10 Paris

Cerre FW10 Shoot Crew

Terry does Jersey

Just the tastiest little treat to come across...


Acne Autumn / Winter 2010

It's super strange how he talks over it?

This is how I stay informed....

Corey Haim 101


In light of thangs

Three times a lady

Sorry for the jumper on the first one. You know how these things go...
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Link : CBC

I just got the new Beirut album! So good!

I overheard a couple dudes with beards and flannels talking about these guys! So good. Im totally on some next level shit!

Baby don't hurt me

WWW dot this and WWW dot that

Wee bit 'o one

Psychedelic cunt

Our special friend Kevin

Lately Kevin has been too busy slinging skateboards and playing with his cats to take part in our blog anymore. Instead of contributing to the LLL joy we deliver to our 67 000/day readers, he's been spending his down creating mini meows out of the hair he collects from brushing his cats. Quite creative of our Kevin, no? Check it out!

Amazing! I can't wait for your first show!
Support Kevin's new hobby by sending in your bags of kitty hair today!

The Black Cat

Conte d'été

Ole Mathiesen

Ole Mathiesen makes watches for The Royal Danish Court.
I want this one

Happy Valentines Day

Pretty great

Music - "Today" Jefferson Airplane
Images - "The Lost World" Harry Hoyt (1925)

Few for you