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Wilder' and Wild

The 80s were stacked and stocked

I'm sure this ones been around the block a couple of times.

Learn dis

As of right now

We have broken past the 528 posts made last year. Yay LLL.

I'm going to check out Cleveland

The Surfers - Windsurfing

Tired brains

Morning Brew

Mat Surfing

No... This is my favorite

Pats fave

Water Slaughter

Crystal Voyager

Bianca, so thats how your arms are so toned....

Murder was the case

Killer on repeat

Thanks to Annina/Pat/Cerre video pt 2 for scouting me this song.

walk it out (to get your H1N1 shot)

To the Rescue!


Thanks Brien....

Bitter Moon (1992)

I was 10 years old the first time I saw this movie. Does that explain anything?



It fits

Claim a dame

" 'Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels' "

Said Kate Moss (via wwd re: mottos).
True, true...

Spirit - Nature's Way

Surf Rat!

SO Awesome!

Lightning Bolt!

Lightning Bolt is back!
For those who don't know it was a very influential surf company from the 70's.  With former surfers Gerry Lopez and Rory Russel, they pioneered new shortboard technology.

More info: Lightning Bolt


Geggy Tah - Whoever you are

RTX - Nature's Way

RTX - Natures Way

We don't live in the same country

So I creep.