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Sov Ikke

Sovikke.blogspot.com is now Sovikke.com

Animals driving cars

Cerre SS10 Video

Link : Cerre

Cerre FW09 Video 2

Link: Cerre

Cerre FW09 Video

Link: Cerre

Cats wearing hats

The Tabbi turbine (above) is my personal favorite.

Straight from the Sister Act soundtrack

Embedding disabled of course. All the good ones are...

I did it all for the nookie

McBoobrey digs this hard.

Sov Ikke

It's my favorite blog.

Link : Sov Ikke

Doin'er in the Dessert

Link : FUCT


You know, stuff...


01 Magazine

Michelle from Antisocial was recently featured in a photo shoot for 01 Magazine with what I believe is her Honda 550 Four.
It's pretty awesome and our friend Natalie Tersigni did the styling.
Photographer : Jennilee Marigomen

Hooray fro Vancouver!
Hooray for everyone!