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Los Angeles is Burning.

That's not a cloud.

Breaking down the Illuminati Gaga

The Vigilant Citizen gets down to it.
Amazing, really. Click the pic to read.

Beach boredum


Thanks for clearing things up Urban Dictionary.

On the grind


Palm Springs Ace, Suite 501

How great is ths?

When Sammy Grows Up...

She is going to be as tough as this one.


Happy Monday Patrick, Kevin, whoever that bro is, and our millions of
readers! Have a super good one okay?

Flaming C for life.


Babes, beers, any kind of food 24/7 - 365.
Being fat and slurry and happy is way cooler than being skinny,
hungry, smoked out, and agro.

Saturday, 10:00 am

We're doing it right. Don't be jealin'...

Band Of Outsiders FW09/10

Shooting this today reminded me of my Army & Navy styling days.
But better, of course.

Radioactive Olive

If you pet Olive for more than half an hour you will die.

Robert Geller for Levi's

Upgrade your parka.


Wiki Says:
Vain are a glam metal band formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1986, at the last wave of the Glam Metal era, and in a time when the city's main musical export was thrash metal slowly changing to Punk. The band were formed by vocalist Davy Vain, and were signed to Island Records in 1989 upon the release of their debut album No Respect that same year. The band also embarked on a European Tour in support of Skid Row. In 1991, things were to take a turn for the worse for Vain, and it would be finances rather than grunge which claimed this glam metal casualty, as their label collapsed before the band could release their second studio album All Those Strangers.

Beat the Bullet

Danny Vain Interview

They are pretty slaying and you should probably pick up their first album Vain - No Respect

Chicken & brie w/ peach & tomato chut

Followed by blueberry pie.
Damn good fattie times.

Sea of Darkness

More Info : Surfline

Check the sweetness

This is the fridge at my new place.
Mary J, Lloyd Banks, Snoop, Young Jeezy, 2 Pac, The Game...
These stickers arnt going anywhere. Mostly because they can't.

Sammy makes it rain.

Kinda like this:

Pretty awesome

ACNE SS10 - Armored Jeans

Acne SS10.

Major shreddage

Prince of pantie peeling, i'm sure.

Serious glitch

Pere Ubu...

You don't even know

Toya, Toya, Toya

Rocket Launch

Jumping the Shark

Wiki says: Jumping the shark is a colloquialism coined by Jon Hein and used by TV critics and fans to denote the point in a television program's or film series's history where the plot veers off into absurd story lines or out-of-the-ordinary characterizations. This usually corresponds to the point where a show with falling ratings apparently becomes more desperate to draw in viewers. In the process of undergoing these changes, the TV or movie series loses its original appeal. Shows that have "jumped the shark" are typically deemed to have passed their peak.

Use It for other things.

Jefferson Airplane double doozie

Spirit in the sky




Behind the Music - Fatso Schmidt

The Documentary

Young girls killing it every day

Happy Kitty

Shit ass pet fuckers.

Make sure you watch the entire thing okay? xo

I'm eating veggie borsch and corn bread right now

It's really good.

One Thousand Posts

We killed our 1000th post today!
Who thought we would ever make it this far.