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Kits beach is the worst ever for a picnic

Sometimes, after a long day of work, all you want to do is head to the closest beach and have a sushi picnic with some wine, your best bud, and tobacco or whatever in coconut blunt rollies. This is not possible at Kits beach. Why? Because the moment you sit down and get settled you realise your about to be in the middle of a full on beach boot camp of 100 people. Tanned dudes yelling constantly, top 40 pump it up work out mixes, and people running around fully kitted in lululemon with parachutes strapped to their bodies. Do you get up? Fuck no, that would be too much effort. You shove your face, drink your wine, and trip out on how gnarly Kits beach is.

Ok. So this European family rolls up and starts playing ping pong or some shit. You can't see it that well because I don't have the latest and greatest iphone, but dude with no shirt and white shorts is absolutely ripped - and at least 60. Ok - so not only was he a super cut 60 year old, but Iv never seen anyone with abs like that. His profile was amazing. Mouth watering. Mmm..

And then Alex came with his Flames key chain, the wine ran out, and then we left.
Alright, so maybe Kits beach isnt that bad. The entertainment factor is there. For sure.