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Standard Friday

The Lisa.

The Adam, The Chad.

Kinda into this


Tentative and subject to change

It's getting closer.

I'm so excited I can't even listen to this song anymore. I get all excited/emotional.
Its brutal, actually.

In theaters today

I wanna see it. Right now.
Boners for miles because I love slightly ugo funny jews that make it rain! The Schwartz too!

The Dolphin

Remember when Kevin use to post about his love for dolphins? Well, I think iv found the perfect gift for our dolphin loving friend! Check it out!! Surprise Kevin! Its is on it's way!

I hope you like it. You can take it with you on your travels! It also comes with a bottle of cumlube!! xo

Super hot and super bored?

Go watch a movie. Movie theaters are always super chilly. Always.
Last night I went and saw Harry Potter just for the heck of not being in my boiling apartment.
It was magical and breezy. Get a comfy seat and your stoked for 2 hrs.
Im going to one every night until this heat wave stops. Why not?!

555 lawn brews

Not pictured: Yuki guiding a bead of sweat from his chest into his belly button, and FrankieD stopping by for a bit to show off with his BL Lime. Kingsgate just stocked up. Go git'em!

Holy photoshop round deuce

Giselle with baby bump on beach...

Gisele sans baby bump for London Fog...

Holy Photoshop

Lilly Allen for Chanel....
Shot by Karl Lagerfeld

What a waste of time.

Same as it ever was

Currently listening to Talking Heads. 8 albums on shuffle, song 25 of 47.

Kits beach is the worst ever for a picnic

Sometimes, after a long day of work, all you want to do is head to the closest beach and have a sushi picnic with some wine, your best bud, and tobacco or whatever in coconut blunt rollies. This is not possible at Kits beach. Why? Because the moment you sit down and get settled you realise your about to be in the middle of a full on beach boot camp of 100 people. Tanned dudes yelling constantly, top 40 pump it up work out mixes, and people running around fully kitted in lululemon with parachutes strapped to their bodies. Do you get up? Fuck no, that would be too much effort. You shove your face, drink your wine, and trip out on how gnarly Kits beach is.

Ok. So this European family rolls up and starts playing ping pong or some shit. You can't see it that well because I don't have the latest and greatest iphone, but dude with no shirt and white shorts is absolutely ripped - and at least 60. Ok - so not only was he a super cut 60 year old, but Iv never seen anyone with abs like that. His profile was amazing. Mouth watering. Mmm..

And then Alex came with his Flames key chain, the wine ran out, and then we left.
Alright, so maybe Kits beach isnt that bad. The entertainment factor is there. For sure.

Oh you pretty things

So, I'm suppose to be able to sleep through this?

Thank god I'm single. Trying to sleep with a body beside you in this
heat would be the worst.

Yeah, blogging about the weather is all the material iv got. Laters!

Editorial Caricatures

"ADN de la mode"
by Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin

In the Latest issue of French Vogue

Thanks for the scans : ILOVEEDITORIALS

Madge has major seal clubbing arms

I bet she could club a seal for hours.
This picture is incredibly disturbing.

Air conditioning rules

No sticky icky ooh wee's here.

Ants. Lots of ants.

Why do we love clubbing seals so much?

Canada to fight EU seal product ban

"Canada's East Coast seal hunt is the largest of its kind in the world, with an average annual kill of about 300,000 harp seals. Canada exported about $2.5 million worth of seal products to EU countries in 2008."

Link : CBC

Disclaimer: I am in no way apposed to this. Club away!

Lightning in Vancouver

Why didn't you tell me?

Link : CBC

Nuclear Bombs can't save us / WTF NASA?

Did you guys know an astroid hit Jupiter last week and created a crater the size of earth? The best part: NASA had no idea it was going to happen?
Anthony Wesley an amateur astronomer in Australia discovered it from his backyard, and NASA had to scramble to bring their cameras online and confirm if it really happened?

So if there is a comet/asteroid/space junk hurdling towards us right now, I don't think it would go down like it does in Armageddon.

My Friend Freya

So i have this friend in Winnipeg named Freya. She's a great girl. But, I used to think she was a little "off". She has had an ongoing relationship with famed Winnipeg statue "The Golden Boy" for some time now.

(check out his package)

Anywho, I always found her yearnings for said statue quite strange, but i guess its a pretty common thing. So Freya......you're not alone. Check out the video below. You're finally free to admit to the world your love for the Golden Boi!!

Hey look at this picture I took of a smelly street cat

I felt bad for him durring the storm.

Heat wave.

Your weather girl Bianca here...it's a sweaty one here in beautiful
Vancouver BC this week.

Remember readers, UV rays can be harsh. Even when those little cloud
dudes are lurking over the sun.
Please protect your shit. The lobster look is tired.


Don Draper

Mondo babe.
It's Saturday evening, the sky is 18 shades of orange, and thanks to the 8pm Bravo dose of Mad Men all I want to do tonight is to become a chain smoker and watch more Mad Men.

It just keeps getting better

WTWTA Apple 'exclusive featurette' trailer.

Look what I just found!

Van Damme boner

Latina heat grindage is too serious for Guile.

Zipang is my new fave

If you like spicy, get the spicy salmon (or tuna). It's real spicy.
The green eyes roll is pretty dope, and the dynamite rolls are super rad (super crispy tempura).
If you like being sexy, get the black sesame ice cream. That is some tasty shit and it turns your tongue and teeth black!

Super cute place. Major sushi sesh. Happy bellies.
Google map it!