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A top movie, for sure.

Serious boner lip sink scene. Sometimes I tie plaid shirts around my waist because I think it could really make a come-back.

Theme of the weekend

...And 'this must be the place' on repeat.

Patrick, where the fuck are you?

Scored some free tickets

We made it just in time for Slayer. So sick. Seats weren't too bad considering the sweet score.
This show is up there with Britney's first tour, for sure. Thanks Lisa's dads old metal dude friend.

Saddle bag boobies

Festive enought for any occasion. Tita on the end seems hefty packin'.

You should obvs try and get one of these

I would, but that would be super weird.
If your girlfriend doesn't like the fact that you'll probably want to hang this on your wall, ditch her.

My cactus gave birth to flowers over night!!

Kevin pretends not to like Yoda, but...

PS I'm aware that I spelt tongues wrong. These things happen.

Almost home

Ball out harder

Andrea Crews car mirror bling.

Ridin' dirty

Mexican blanket seat? I'm pretty sure its a bmx model and its super old...but i'd kill to ride dirty with something much like this.

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts...

Johnny cakes. Always super delish'.

So we ordered these drinks because the menu said that they came in coconut shells. They forgot to mention that the coconut shells are not actually coconut shells at all. Super bummer, obvy...so we ran across the street to some hippy grocery joint and got some real coconuts. Yeah, real juicy ones...and politely ordered another round to be served in them.

Simply delightful!!! They may have given us dirty looks, and they may have spat in our jerk chicken...but it was totally worth it. Totally!

Double bloggin'

Hey buddies! I work at a super sweet clothing store and we have a super sweet blog that I'm now updating/working on. Check it out from time to time to see our new threads! We've got a permanent link for you guys here on LLL or you can visit it right now by clicking here.

PS - We'll be sure to get some dude stuff up real quick!


Terminator boner

Hey Kevin, Arnold gets boners from under aged girls too.

Karate Kid 2 is totally 2009

The other day Lisa, Pete, Frank and I watched Karate Kid 2 on VHS after a bbq sesh. I hadnt seen the movie in forever. Not only was there Danish/German/Whatever subtitles that occasionally read 'boner', but Daniels headband totally reminds me of the Isabelle Marant label. The inter-racial sexual tension is insaine and all of everyone elses kits throughout the movie were pretty sick (short sleve button downs, chinos). I suggest grabbing some buds and some beers and (re)watching it.

Harsh diss

"I am no dermatologist but I wouldn't want his skin. Mine looks better than his. He is covered in craters." - Karl Lagerfelds thoughts on Seals face.

Crater face Seal. Snap!

Be good at the internet

More Heart?

Super huge into Heart right now.

It's weird when...

You find out your buddy has one of your nick names tattooed on his ass.

Yo Bianca, thats a hella tight bacon bra! You go girl!!!

Catalina island 2007


Not Badgley, but maybe stupid yoda...


Remember that time we went golfing? Weird.


Magic Man

This song rules. Heart rules.

Kevin, you're going to like this....

Only the finest of feasts for me

Do you cut your pb&b vertically, or diagonally? I havnt had one of
these sammy's in years, so I was stumped.

Droppin' like flies


I don't get it

Dear random bro beside me at Lolitas,
Doves and bees...really?

Super Pocahontas though right? She always had twiggs and shit flying around her.
Super magical.

Pretty sick cozie

K'bobs on 2nd

25 of them. 3 bottles of wine. Soo good and soo unexpected.
I had a fun bike ride afterwards.

OK, so David Byrne made these bike racks

NYC. How fucking ill would a sweet bike look posted up against one of these? Srsly.
I also play 78 Talking Heads songs in a row almost every day at work.
Also, I got my whiskers (stitches) removed today! 'Sker free yall!

thanks kb.

Sweet Sunday Jam

New month, new calender babe

Yoshi rules in June. Sweet glamour shot though right?

Looks good to me

Kevin loves Pizza Pops

I experienced a major Pizza Pop sesh. I wish I had audio or video of the feast to explain. My insides hurt from laughing. Cleaning Pizza Pop brains from the microwave the day after? Not so fun.

Note: I was merely a spectator and did not take part in the mow.

I know there's lots going on Friday night, but...

Stop into No Limits new loc' for this.


Remember when we were real life friends and we were roomies and we made that baked macaroni and cheese with like however many cheeses and it tasted like feet? Because we suck at life and Annina wasn't in the country to help us? This reminds me of that.

I was super stoked when I heard about this

Everyone knows I love a good jew. There's something I simply cant resist about them.
Woody Allen and Larry David? Recipe for awesome. This movie trailer? Not so awesome.

Total ))r.

I'm drinking this right now

Totally awesome and exciting stuff for you guys today.

I tripped hard on my bruise last night

What up Fatlip

Since we all love Spike Jonze watch this video he made for Fat Lip from the Pharcyde.
There is also a documentary that goes along with it.
I loved/love this song, but I never knew Spike Jonze directed it.

My epic long weekend

Things started out super sweet...

Then I bailed three strides from the beach. Fun stops when the ambulance has to come.
Sega (Sekyiwa) really got in there and captured the fun...

Iv got some pretty gnarly road burn on my 'bows, bruises everywhere, ribs are fucked, my jaw is fucked, and i'm stuck with some awesome chin whiskers for the next week. I think I did pretty OK for my first time like, ever getting hurt. I also get to sport the typical under the chin dude scar.

Oh, and for those who care - my bike is ok. It landed on top of me and I dont think it ever hit the ground.

So like, score?