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I just bought this beach music maker thing

Ghetto bird.

The bird is going crazy in my hood right now.

I just had a sweet breakfast.


Have you ever had a friend that you knew was super cool, and was totally on point like all the time?
And then out of nowhere shows up wearing an R. Kelly t-shirt and you realize just how far from being cool you actually are?
I recently had a moment like that.

My new Fave artist.

Ladies and Gentleman,
Maggi Barnes.

Inspiration: Brit and Abbey
May 2009

Probs one of my all time faves

Next level Snoogie...for summer!

Tunes I've been feelin latley.

Rad Times, Super Job

Vito and Benjie put me on to bootleg soda this morning.
Can you imagine how rad it would be if you were the guy in the marketing department that got to come up with the names?

Cheer Up, Dr Pop, and Mountain Holler are my favourites.

Beach steeze

Slayer caps, sweet cozies, and aa man gitch for the unprepared.

Well this is just great

This is a new party poster for some new party night in Vancouver.
Seriously? I'm bummed.

And you thought 112 was dead...

Lots of hand movements. Lots.

Super awesome

Kakurenbou Japanese Tapas. We took the bar to keep Jon company.

Pork belly @ Kakurenbou = Amazing and I don't even like pork.

Ron Howard rolling hard in the new Jamie Foxx video.

And Kate Bosworth.
It's pretty weird.

Still gotta get paid

Sent to my inbox from Seki.

Today is my Friday

Breaking news!!

I make super yummy wraps.

This American Life

Is the best, even if your not American.

Ramases - Space Hymns

This is the best of the Ramases albums - Space Hymns.
Released in 1971 on Vertigo.

Its super spacey.

Check the fold out Album art.

PS. I'm gonna start posting music that I like and think you should download, I'm not going to review it, just put it up.

Yeah, New Banner and Look

I was messing around this morning and accidentally erased our template, so I had to make a new one.

Its the inside album art from Ramases - Glass Top Coffin

"The dreamer dreamed the dust rose up and walked
But when the dreamer woke did anyone tell the dust
-and I fell and stars like dust covered me"

It's not his best album but its definitely great artwork.

Here is the story:
"Cover concept by Ramases, artwork by Dave Field/art direction: Jack Wood
Album Cover: He was really upset by the cover of the album. I saw the first proofs and they weren't at all what he envisaged. The cut-out was meant to show a man falling backwards into space into the Horsehead nebula, which when you open up the album revealed that bird. Well, he didn't like what they had done, but the artwork was completed and the record company said, that's that!! So Ram persuaded the record company to let him scratch (literally) the litho plates before the cover went to press. He sanded down that little circle that is lighter in the mans head that forms a part of that birds shoulder, and it did look marginally better. His vision was that the man would look like he was in a space suit with helmet on, etc etc...
-- Paul Hollyer, September 2000"
From Rock.co.za

Whoa, banner.

I painted this dog. I havn't painted since gr 6. Obviously.

Stay safe Patrick and Nniners

Another Earthquake

Magnitude4.1 - local magnitude (ML)
TimeTuesday, May 19, 2009 at 3:49:11 PM (PDT)
Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 22:49:11 (UTC)
Distance fromHawthorne, CA - 2 km (1 miles) NE (44 degrees)
Lennox, CA - 3 km (2 miles) ESE (107 degrees)
Inglewood, CA - 3 km (2 miles) SSE (152 degrees)
Westmont, CA - 3 km (2 miles) WSW (250 degrees)
Los Angeles Civic Center, CA - 16 km (10 miles) SSW (210 degrees)
Coordinates33 deg. 56.0 min. N (33.933N), 118 deg. 19.8 min. W (118.331W)
Depth12.1 km (7.5 miles)
Location QualityGood
Location Quality ParametersNst=120, Nph=120, Dmin=7 km, Rmss=0.46 sec, Erho=0.4 km, Erzz=1.1 km, Gp=46.8 degrees
Event ID#ci10411545

Sekyiwa brought me this bronco and fresh timbits. Hung over Tripple B's need that kind of stuff.

Totally Earthquaked

5.0 on the Richter

Lovelikelightning is the new Twitter

Things you don't care about:
I'm eating fish.

Guess what?

I'm going to be super un-cool and buy some fucking e-z walkin' sandles from Clarks.

Oh my fucking cute

I'd want a Max costume this halloween too if there wasnt going to be so many boners running around all "WTWTA! WTWTA!!". I'm a true fan. It's the only book i'v actually read cover to cover.

we love you so is great.

More celeb' relashe' advice from Sharon

Mother Lover

You know what sucks? Living in Canada and not being able to look at certain videos on NBC. Smarten up NBC.

Just in case you havn't been watching

Um, yeah - NBA playoffs are on right now too!

I want these tights soo bad right now

Alexander Wang Pre Fall 09. They're like, a mix of biking shorts and nylons! And they'll like, look sweet with like cut offs and dresses and junk. I'll have to wait for fall and see if anywhere gets it I guess? It's pretty impossible to make this shit with a sewing machine.

I'm a big fan of the Wang.



The Venetian

Las Vegas

Loner evening bike rides to 3rd.

People love this t-shirt

I think it's kinda funny too.

Rosebud Mocha Rose Lip Balm

This shit is the bomb.

Le Orme

Look at this.

This is what i'm all about right now.

Yeah, I'm at the beach.