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Zig Zags

Pirate Pat

Pat hurt his eye while surfing the pipe.
(graphic art by bianca kristensen)

What do you do Guaranteed?

We also have Beard Papas

These are sweet

Camper Together collab' with Bernard Willhem.

I'm taking Patricks lead

Pictures on my Iphone from the past little while:

It's looking real pretty around the building these days.

Freshly bought. Everything's going but the frame...just you wait!

The ride to/from Whistler is real nice.

The Hilton, champagne, sponge bob socks...and Brett Michaels I guess.

Wild Wood tennis club in Whistler has a good caesar menu.
Pretty darn good breakfast too.

Surfed Malibu again this morning.

Beard' Papas

An Interesting Man

Jim Haynes is a very interesting man. Over the years he has invited over one hundred thousand people from all over the world to his home in Paris to have Sunday dinner with him.
Acne Studios interviewed him recently and you can find the interview here.
NPR also interviewed him a few months ago, so you can find the interview on their site, if you wanna look for it.

Cute Overload

I giggle cried to this. I want one.

The Itis

The Army & Navy shoe sale starts today

I don't work for them anymore, but when I did, footwear buying and designing became part of my job on top of the advertising styling. I still have nightmares of chineese leather/fabric swatches. It's on for a week or something, so if your a girl that likes shoes you should probably go and buy stuff so I can feel good about myself.


All these old BBC concert videos are the best.

Captain Beyond Live 1972

Do yourself a favour and check this out.

It could be worse

Kris(tina) sent me this Craigs List post to prove that my luck with boys could in fact be worse than it actually is...

"I don't even know how to begin to tell anyone the shame I'm facing. Better here to an anonymous group than to ever tell people I know. Where do I begin? Well, a few months back I began chatting with a girl from an online dating site. Over the course of a few months, we became somewhat serious even though we had never met in person. The longer we spoke on the phone, the more I dreaded meeting her. You know, it was so perfect that I was worried that things are sometimes different in reality. Perhaps she wouldn't like my features in the real world or feel no chemistry...things happen. Anyway, she wanted to go out for Thai food which I have limited knowledge of, but I was game. I was a little concerned since I do suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and spices can really affect me. Nevertheless, I made my way to the restaurant and to my surprise, she was absolutely stunning. Literally, I could barely speak and it made me even more nervous. Was she thinking that I wasn't good enough? Who knows? Anyway, I quickly ordered a drink to settle my nerves and we ordered our food. I was not sure how spicy things were because they had this stupid rating system where there are anywhere from 1-5 spices beside each menu item to let you know how hot the item is. I ordered mine and she ordered hers, the drinks were having their intended effect on me, the conversation was great and I really began to notice the sexual tension between us. Our food items arrived and I scarfed mine down because I had held back all day. By the end of the evening we were drinking our wine and we were leaning into each other over the table when it happened...I felt liquid gush from ass into my underwear. OMG! THE HORROR!!! What the hell do I do now, I thought! I was fighting it and clenching my anus as tightly as I could. It seemed to help and with only a bit of liquid shit in my underwear, there was the off chance that she might not smell it and we could still go home and fool around. Unfortunately, I wasn't to be that lucky. The problem with irritable bowel syndrome is that if you fight the liquid and gasses, it only builds up. Right at the moment that I stood up..KABOOM!!..I farted an endless stream of explosive diahrrea into my underwear. I am not kidding you when I say the liquidy fart lasted at least 20 seconds. The entire restaurant stared in horror as the sound of my gurgling farts reverberated throughout the room. I tried to fight it, but it was like trying to stop a leaking dam with your finger. Before I knew it, chunks of shit and liquid were making their way down my leg and onto the resaurant floor. I tried to nonchalantly kick it under the table, but everyone was watching...in horror. I felt like dying! I looked up ever-so-briefly at my date and she just looked shell shocked. I didn't know what to say so I told her to go, but I did gesture for her to 'call me' with my thumb and pinky to my ear. After that, I couldn't even look at anyone in the restaurant. I paid my bill, grabbed a couple of Georgia Straights to cover my car seats and then drove home so I could bathe and burn my clothes. Should I even bother calling her or do you think it's over?"

...hmm, tough call.

You Lose

Audi's marketing team got sunned?

Merry 420

I'm 100% sure that at least 83% of our readers smoke the cheeba.
This one goes out to all of you.

Um, check out the sick seat I got today

Mark Gonzales did a shoot for the latest issue of Purple

I want every rug and blanket pictured...and maybe the T.P

Natalia Brilli leather covered skateboard

Kind of awesome.

Oh little buddy

What are they feeding you?

I'm on my way up to Whistler for the night. It's my first time. I'm scared.

Do you ever wish?

Do you ever wish you could take pictures with your eyes?
Like, you see someone doing or looking really stupid, but because of second-hand embarrasment you can't bring yourself to pull your camera out of your pocket and snap a picture?
Today I saw some really funny shit.
Iphone should have an app for this. They could call it EyeCamera.

You need fmylife in your world.

Stove element melted to bottom of electric kettle? Stoner.

What's Happening?


I hate Kanye...so naturally, I loved this

Patrick likes fish sticks in his mouth.

Fred and Sharons movies

Fred and Sharon make movies. They live here in BC. They have their own website with all of their movies.
Sharon just started her own mini epi's in which shes giving celebrity relationship advice to celebs in need. Sharon is pretty much amazing.

What you know about.....

Formula Drift.

Leah aka 'Mini Mouse' is back!!!


Is that you?


Zac Efron is so hot right now

He's on the cover of Interview AND hosting SNL this week AND has that stupid movie out with that drug addict Matt Perry.
16 year olds are swooning.

Parks and Recreation premiers tonight on NBC!

I'm getting this for sure

See you on the beach.

It's not raining right now, but it will.

I hate all these little worm looking bud seeds everywhere.


Last night as I left the office the rain started to fall.  It was the first time its rained here in at least a month.
But this morning we woke up to beautiful sunshine, with just a little cloud left over from last night.

I love Tracy Morgan

I missed him last Friday. Bummer city.
He doesnt give me boners, but he gives me giggles.

Boner Zone

Seth Rogen does magical things to me.


I got shafted on Fully Flared, but some how got mentions for a tour I had almost zero involvement in.
This is my finest achievement to date.
Thanks Fourstar


Hey Patrick....

Did you ever figure out why Mexican men smell so heavenly? (no homo)

Nice day for bike rides - um, to work :(