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Good idea

This Just in : Nothing Is Cool

Not even old Skateboard graphics.

Random Photos

Soo stoked

So cute.

Cupcakes, man.

Teach Badgely This

A Cheap Monday for Cheap Monday

In the name of all things cheap - Pilsner! Nuggets! Cheese Burgers!

Thumbs up!!

Sweet Tattoo.

How old is Cindy now?

Cerre Boutique Opens Today in Hollywood

Cerre Boutique
1647 N. Las Palmas Ave.
Hollywood California

LLL on Twitter?

'Follow' our trail of 'Tweets'! Because we here at LLL live exciting fast-paced lives!! I mostly just wanna know what Seth Rogen, Christopher Walken, Tina, and P Diddy are doing 24/7.

PS - We're still learning :(

Wizard Time!

So there's this blog that was brought to my attention by Angela Brown. Its all about Wizzards - thus its pretty sweet. Click on the picture to experience the magic.

High 5's

Thanks Sega.

It was the first day of Spring on Friday

Dolce Vida "Ellie".

I think I actually had fun this weekend?

Gummo & take-out Thai.

Goran is jacked.

Happy birthday Lisa (G) & Katie.

Not my best, but they were a hit. Lisa (L) helped...barely.

Ty got the party started...

Much better.

Real talk.

Im on a fun weekend roll.


When's the last time you saw one of these?
Last time I saw one was my 11th birthday when I rented a laser disk
karaoke machine.

Speaking of meows...

Look what Lisa gave to me today!

*Best 2009 calender ever*

Cat Show