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To the asshole who broke into my car...

You owe me a new Gps and $160 for a new window.

I'm trying to raise $25

We decided to do this 10 min ago.

Lame alert


* love like lightning contest! *

First person to bring a green tea w/blueberries smoothie from Capers to 2205 West 4th Ave wins!!

What you can win:
- Meet a real life LLL blogger!
- Learn tips about how to keep up a highly successful blog.
- Get the answers to any questions/secrets you might want to know about Patrick and Kevin!
- Fred Perry pins that you can pin to absolutely anything you want!
- A LLL blog post w/your picture upon winning!
- Maybe some paper clips or something?
- My autograph!

Contest begins whenever you read this on 02/25/09, and ends at 7:59pm on 02/25/09. Contestants my be required to answer a highly mathematical skill testing question upon receiving prizes...but probably not.

Good Luck!

Wanna see the birthday cake Kris and Holly got me?!

There was a pump connected to it that squirted milk out from the pee pee hole.
Im glad I wasnt tricked into going down on it.
Thanks guys!!

It's sunny, so we went for a walk.

Happy Birthday Sega

Holly and I made the cake and cup cakes. We Oreo'd the layers.
Black on the outside, white on the inside. Just like our Seki.

For serious...

I like her

Take Note

She could be the sweetest babe on the Internet. 
Surface2Air looks good this season too.


Yes, i'll want to go see this Tarantino movie.

Happy shirt

Nostalgia on Wheels

Click on pic for link:

Pretty much.

Kevin got a little wild on my bday

This photo has been edited in no way.
(Photo credit - H.A)

Kevin Loves Cats

Don't Run away from us......

Run to us.

If I told you what first came to mind when I saw this...

Breaking News - Patrick packs 2 cracks

Breaking News - Man Lands On Moon

Great post Bianca. Like we all didn't hear about Phelps and the bong 2 weeks ago.
Way to keep it current.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!

Phelps likes hits from the bong too.


Because open backs are way better than plunging necklines.

A.Wang does condoms

Designer condoms are balling. These limited edition seed stoppers conveniently will be showcased in Alexander Wang's fashion show on Valentines Day. How incredibly perfect...

Random Iphone Photos from the last month.

Kevin really liked MIA's outfit

I think I saw actual drool dribble from his mouth.
It was of course followed by a "nom, nom, nom"

DVF on the cover of the new Purple!

The Marigela coat shes wearing ever so graciously is made out of wigs! Fucking wigs, man!!!

Hahaha stupid Patrick

If you ever wonder why I occasionally post stupid and useless pictures of oranges, this post on the hundreds blog explains why. Patrick, I hope you told them not all Canadians share your hyper-carnivore diet.

I miss Annina.

There are always fun surprises in my apt lobby

Hey Patrick!

Remember that time we decided to drive from LA all the way to San carlos Mexico in a day? (look how sleepy that dream catcher makes you)

Everyone is going to like me at work today

And like that *poof*.......

He was gone.

Fall 09 booking season is almost done....

I'll be back soon. I'm almost all done peddling my wares. Sorry for my lack of posting prowess. Real talk.