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Cookies, man

Saturday Kris and I got up super early to go for coffee and picked up some baking supplies.

Wine was involved. I really like my black stemless wine glasses.
Side note: Color me Kubrick is not a very good movie - luckily I had in Burn After Reading to watch instead. 

Of course, Kris has a pink spatula. 

Shortbread cookies with maple fudge frosting. For some reason we made 2 huge batches and didn't have anywhere to put them. I then realised that they would look like burgers if stacked, so I made some. I call them Sugar Burgers. 

This is maybe half of them.
We were pretty sauced by the time we went bowling. Pretty mellow/awesome saturday.

Today 2 huge batches of ginger snaps were made. My apartment smells like a cookie factory.