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The creative department (all 3 of us) went to La Casita for lunch to celebrate my graphic designers last day...

I ended up being waaay to full after the soup to even start on the quesadilla, but it was awesome.

I just bought a dog!!

Just ordered one of these sweet dogs from a breeder in mission! Puppies are expected in March! I cant wait! I need some ideas for names. Anyone have any ideas?

Natalia Brilli SS09

Leather wrapped skeleton rock band! Read more about the life size installation (500hrs to wrap 1 skeleton!), and the limited edition collection here. You can check out the rest of her accessory collections (women's and men's - most of which are also leather wrapped) on her website as well.


I'm a dummy. TGIF!!!

Horrible things are happening in Mumbai

This evening

Rosie Live

Rosie, please stick with what you're good at - being a lesbian.

Guess who went to work with Cyrus today?!

Totally made my day 100% better when I turned around and saw you guys! Thanks for letting me unload some toques! I hope the fam gets some use out of the sleepers!

Real talk

One of our trucks got hijacked in Alberta yesterday. Pretty intense.
I imagine it looked exactly like that one scene from The Fast And The Furious.
Marni would not be impressed with the racist jokes Patrick made when I told him.



Real Talk

Do you remember when we were called "Real Talk" and we were sponsored by Cybil Shepard?

Did you get an invite?

An epic party. All we ate was meat for 3 days...

Portal of Stench

It's fucking cold outside

I bought this last night


This happened a year ago. Almost to the day I think. This is why I missed Annina more than I usually do today. I hope Patrick didn't eat all your ice cream.

Designer Finger Puppets.

Karl Lagerfelt

Vivienne Westwood

Lion, Buffalo, Alligator.

It gets pretty wild.


I shall master this skill

Just scored a sweet new mug

The my little pony in the background isn't mine.
It's just there.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

I ate a lot of cookies last night.

Another possible Hollywood strike!?

The SAG (Screen Actors Guild) and Hollywood studios aren't getting along.
The SAG will be asking its members to vote for authorisation of an actors' strike this week.

Things could get real boring again. Huge bummer for TV watchers.
Patrick, please do something to prevent this from happening.
Click here for more.

Rag & Bone

Womens Spring 09 (1 of 3 styles).

Land of winners

Calgary Stampeders win the 2008 Grey Cup!

The Giants won their game against the Cardinals too.

I don't mean to mess up the spirit of Christmas or anything

But I found the best ornaments. I was trying to find a Darth Vader star, but no dice.
The skull ones are from Guadalajara! $4.
Zac is totally cool with my 'Dark Christmas' too! Thank god...that one could have been hard to explain.

Goran round deuce.

If you don't remember, a little while ago Holly found this under her door.
Today Holly showed me some more that had received today:

Oh you know, just some Croatian songs he translated last night while he was drunk and couldn't sleep. 

Our apartment building is wild.
But, on the bright side - while at Holly's I played with her kitty!

He kept sneezing.

My new fave band

McDonalds should add this as a Happy Meal.

Happiest meal of them all.

No, really!

Let me know.

I will put a ring on it. One day Beyonce will be my Feyonce.

I call this one 'Dude - Where's the popcorn?'

Went to the Vogue last night for Red Bull Shoot To Thrill.
Bouncer copped Kevins dube! Super bummer for real.
Clapped for tricks got a little home sicks.
Supes glad I went, even though now i'm spent.

- Dude, poetry.

Hey Pat. There was a pow wow in the apartment above me happening directly over my bed last night. It went super late. I bet you there was maybe some sweet dream catchers that I could have scored for you.

Every Wednesday Night

You betcha.

Scotty made me into Paris Hilton

Thanks Herbert.

Someone put a huge Kinder Surprise on my desk

I haven't eaten any yet, but I broke it open to give away my toy.

Henrik Vibskov Laptop Case

Also comes in red/white.
And this Stine Goya "Janette" dress

Giant Inflatable Sausage

I want one of these on the lawn of our building for my birthday. But I want it to be one of those ones that constantly has air blowing through it and wiggles around. On display soon at the Brooklynite Gallery (because the giant sausage is actually stuck in customs).

Chicks dig dudes that mow mini burgs

Awesome. Kev, let me know if you want to impress your friends with a fresh batch of Sugar Burgs.
(click on pic for info and stuff)

Denim no Mimi Project

Large denim factories in Japan produce a lot of denim waste.
The Denim no Mimi Project uses selvedge (the unused edge of denim from being woven and cut on large looms) and other waste materials to create artistic instalations like the ones here.
I saw the making of the bicycle installation on some tv show. It's pretty huge, and pretty awesome.

Crayon on Kraft Paper

Feel free to get a tattoo of this Kev.