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This is where the magic happens

This is where I spend a good amount of my time and energy during the week. I also happen to listen to an embarrassing amount of top 40 here.

This is where the models go. Our little buddy Finn is actually going to be in my last photo shoot for the week tomorrow! Fun! 

This light box makes product shoot days much easier. 

Typical photo studio things I guess.

These are some of my rolling sets. Sometimes I do a lot of back to back photo shoots and I don't have time to remove anything i'm not currently using and I throw it here until I have some free time...or when a photo shoot calls for me to put together a set and I throw it all somewhere else.

There's another section but its a disaster and there's just racks of clothing and a fake plant.
I'd show you pictures of my desk at the CBO, and the 'advertising loft'...but its not very cool.