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Fun-Times Roadtrip

Last week Kevin and I went on a 15 hour drive from LA to San Carlos, Mexico.
Our friend Stefan was getting married to a beautiful girl named Rocio, and we had to make the trip to witness the ceremony.  

Our first stop was a rest area in Arizona.

Not much to see.

We crossed the boarder into Mexico at about 8:30pm and drove till 1am to our hotel. It was sups ghetto so we left as soon as we got in the room and went to one on the beach.
It was 2 in the morning at this point, and a few of the homies were just getting home from the bar.  Kev threw rocks at their window and we proceeded to drink delicious Tecate Lights and listen to death metal till 4:30am. 
It was a good day.

The hotel was what-evs, but the beach was worth it. 

Full on Catholic Wedding, rosary nooses, golf-carts, the whole nines.
Stefan went through hell to get married at this church. Baptized, confirmed, etc.

Rocio looked stunning of course.

The Posse

The Church

Civil Ceremony on the beach

The Beach


Kev caught the garter belt and had to dance with the girl who caught the bouquet.  It was even more awkward than this photo.

Some how when we got home that night Kevin had a million pesos in his pocket.

Outside the gates to our hotel lived some pretty awesome mexi-dogs.

And some horses.