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I only ride at midnight.

If I find something to do for Halloween

I'm not being a bag of peanut M&M's anymore.
I'm going to be someone so much better!!!

are you there jah?


Back when I lived in Calgary and first started working in the shoe store, I was closing up shop and came across this stuffed in an old timers walking shoe. I've carried it in my wallet ever since. I think I might frame it soon.

Awesome things to take note of:
- There's a whale and unicorn straddling a hot dog rocket making out.
- Unicorn shlong, and whale spew.
- There's a stoked dude on the moon in a rocking chair watching the make out through binoculars.
- There's some one fishing from off the moon.
- The Kitten is yelling 'Awesome!' and fist pumping while watching TV (probs watching Gossip Girl or Stylista).
- 'Greetings from Nebraska!'?

It's super random and one of my most prized possessions. 
It just rained in LA for the first time in 6 months.

Fun-Times Roadtrip

Last week Kevin and I went on a 15 hour drive from LA to San Carlos, Mexico.
Our friend Stefan was getting married to a beautiful girl named Rocio, and we had to make the trip to witness the ceremony.  

Our first stop was a rest area in Arizona.

Not much to see.

We crossed the boarder into Mexico at about 8:30pm and drove till 1am to our hotel. It was sups ghetto so we left as soon as we got in the room and went to one on the beach.
It was 2 in the morning at this point, and a few of the homies were just getting home from the bar.  Kev threw rocks at their window and we proceeded to drink delicious Tecate Lights and listen to death metal till 4:30am. 
It was a good day.

The hotel was what-evs, but the beach was worth it. 

Full on Catholic Wedding, rosary nooses, golf-carts, the whole nines.
Stefan went through hell to get married at this church. Baptized, confirmed, etc.

Rocio looked stunning of course.

The Posse

The Church

Civil Ceremony on the beach

The Beach


Kev caught the garter belt and had to dance with the girl who caught the bouquet.  It was even more awkward than this photo.

Some how when we got home that night Kevin had a million pesos in his pocket.

Outside the gates to our hotel lived some pretty awesome mexi-dogs.

And some horses.

I carved a pumpkin last night!

The Dorian

I stopped into Livestock yesterday to chat and I came accross these rad, low profile (womens) Keep shoes.

The shoes have a removable flap, and keep your feet dry with their use of water resistant Japanese waxed cotton. Awesome! High 5's for Cyrus and the sweet beard he's got going too!

Obama! Obama!

His half-hour campaign infomercial airs tonight on NBC, CBC, BET, and many others.
Obama's a total babe.

Preen Duffle Wool Coat

This is the coat that I want for this winter.
Do you know how hard it is to find decent coats with hoods? Super hard.
Good news? It fits like a glove. Bad News? It's $1450.

Inner City

On my way to work this morning some downtown east side bro was all "Hey do you want to buy this liquor filled chocolate to put in your coffee?" and I was all "Um, yeah right. Those are gross!" and then he threw it at the sidewalk in front of me and it exploded all over my shoes. Then a block later the evil street birds physicked me out super hard and I dropped my coffee.

It's going to be an awesome day! I can feel it!

This is Willie

He likes to upload videos of himself singing on Youtube even though he's brutal.
He's got pretty awesome steeze and song selection though.

"Palin was the choice that they gave me"

I found this while being a loser this weekend. Please don't hate me for blogging things that probably aren't funny to anyone.


A friend of ours has a blog about cats that Kevin would like.
She may have the best collection of famous cat photos on the internet.
Here are a few good ones:

I missed something...

While I was in Mexico my work mates got up to some serious hi-jinx.  I pulled up to work this morning to a 25ft cock on our roof.

Pretty awesome.

I will post some photos from the road-trip when I can.

"Beautiful Dolphin Glass Accent End Table Display"

As I was searching around trying to get ideas of what coffee table id like to purchase for my living room, I stumbled across this little treasure while looking on our friend Craig's List of furniture for sale

"You must see to appreciate" and "The price is firm. Im not looking to give this one away" really makes me want to meet the person behind the post.
If its a dude, then this could be it guys - this really could be the one.

...if not, make room for some new decor Pat and 'Nnins.

Can I just say

that I think I said "Oh my God" into a blanket about 1 thousand times while watching Gossip Girl tonight?! Oh man...

Hot dog


keV and I are in a roadtrip to Mexico.


(Source: Daily Intel)

Big JC

I hope that sporting Jesus today will make my organs stop hurting and my cold go away!

A.P.C + Nike

Siv Stoldal

From Norway. Like me!
(Source: Tres Bien Shop)

What Jolene did this morning

I had to decorate a tree for a shoot this afternoon.

The bare green tree. I wasn't allowed to use the rad black ones.
(totally buying a black one for home)

Tips from the master.

Everything is covered in retarded sprinkles now.

The almost final product. You can't really see any of the spectacular details because welfare iphones don't have flash...but I think its going to really be something special. I'm thinking some silver bows would be really great, don't you?

I'll decorate your trees for beer.
Ps. Iv never decorated a tree before!

space hipsters

Final Flare

I'm more than certain the only people that read this blog have already known about this for quite some time, but this here cured my curiocity since stumbling upon some news about it a little while ago. Rad!
(Source: Supra Blog)

Brieber is a pimp

Little hommie probably kills it with the ladies! He's got some pretty sweet posters too.
Patrick I know you're just melting right now.

I have been up to stuff too.

We go to the pharmacy and try on costumes:
I bought hydrogen peroxide while I was there.

And we watch important TV


Tenori-Ons are awesome! This is the first demo by the bro that created it. Its pretty much just a super ballin' sampler. It gets pretty intense at the end...

Patrick you can become an ultimate master of beats! And Kevin!! You can do this!

1 Million?

Apparently so.
First hipster to get this bike wins.

Band of Outsiders + Sperry

This is where the magic happens

This is where I spend a good amount of my time and energy during the week. I also happen to listen to an embarrassing amount of top 40 here.

This is where the models go. Our little buddy Finn is actually going to be in my last photo shoot for the week tomorrow! Fun! 

This light box makes product shoot days much easier. 

Typical photo studio things I guess.

These are some of my rolling sets. Sometimes I do a lot of back to back photo shoots and I don't have time to remove anything i'm not currently using and I throw it here until I have some free time...or when a photo shoot calls for me to put together a set and I throw it all somewhere else.

There's another section but its a disaster and there's just racks of clothing and a fake plant.
I'd show you pictures of my desk at the CBO, and the 'advertising loft'...but its not very cool.


King slayer

His fingers move like little spiders running up and down the neck from the 'body' to the 'nut'.

Breaking the Waves

Last night buddy Brett Hill (no relation to Patrick Hill) brought over the film Breaking the Waves to watch - after Gossip Girl of course. I thought it was a pretty good film, thus my post...the only trouble with it being that the film is extremely rare to find and you have to put a $100 deposit upon renting it. Totally worth it though! I suggest picking it up and staying away from shitty dvd players/not letting it out of your sight.

I also served warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (from Capers) on top a thin slice of ice cream cake. It was a pretty big deal and it reminded me of a stupid house in Kits that I use to hang out at a lot.