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So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Earlier this week I watched the new episode with the Calgary auditions to see if anyone i knew was on there. I saw some familiar faces, and was extremely proud to find out that my fellow dance trio member Ashley (throughout high school we were bff made up dances and mixed our own music and performed it at talent shows, it was a pretty big deal) made it to the finals in Toronto.


She's an amazing dancer and the most positive person iv ever met even at the worst of times. Now, i'm not one to vote or take any of these shows seriously...but I seriously ask (for anyone who actually reads this) that you watch the show, and please send in a vote if you feel that her talent is worth doing so...or just take my word for it and do it anyways! 
Oh, a friend of mine Katie is heading there with her as well! Her and Ashley are currently in a dance group together that have/are doing some really great things these days and I wish them both loads of luck!

And while i'm on the subject of bragging about my friends...go buy the October issue of Flare because my good friend Nikki is one of the girls in a 5 page spread about the coat trends this fall. Best part? Her page is right beside Jessie from MTV Canada who's totally been hitting up the gym and has lost like, 10 pounds. 

thats all...