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Thin is the New Happy.

I have a desk now

And a giant Kiss painting came with it.

Cat Film Festival

Ryan Sheckler sighting at Denny's?

True story. Lil' skate bro was sitting in the booth right behind us! He sent back his toast because it wasn't pre-buttered, and was talking about taking shots at the Roxy. I'v totally seen every episode of his reality show (because i'm a loser) - thus, I was pretty darn stoked.

18 year olds <3!!

Paul Newman Dead

Paul Newman, the blue-eyed leading man who starred in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and gained prominence for his philanthropic work and love of racing, died Friday at 83 after a long battle with cancer.

censored for bianca

Diesel SFW XXX - Watch more free videos

Sample Sales?

You betcha buddy!! If you're in Vancouver here's a few you might wanna check out in the next little bit for a sweet haul:



Consider yourselves informed!

Cadence Weapon

My buddy Roland Pemberton (Cadence Weapon) is in town for a couple of days and will be performing at Richards On Richards this Thursday (09/25). Patrick and Kevin please know that I will be trying to drag you into going...others should check it out too.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Earlier this week I watched the new episode with the Calgary auditions to see if anyone i knew was on there. I saw some familiar faces, and was extremely proud to find out that my fellow dance trio member Ashley (throughout high school we were bff made up dances and mixed our own music and performed it at talent shows, it was a pretty big deal) made it to the finals in Toronto.


She's an amazing dancer and the most positive person iv ever met even at the worst of times. Now, i'm not one to vote or take any of these shows seriously...but I seriously ask (for anyone who actually reads this) that you watch the show, and please send in a vote if you feel that her talent is worth doing so...or just take my word for it and do it anyways! 
Oh, a friend of mine Katie is heading there with her as well! Her and Ashley are currently in a dance group together that have/are doing some really great things these days and I wish them both loads of luck!

And while i'm on the subject of bragging about my friends...go buy the October issue of Flare because my good friend Nikki is one of the girls in a 5 page spread about the coat trends this fall. Best part? Her page is right beside Jessie from MTV Canada who's totally been hitting up the gym and has lost like, 10 pounds. 

thats all...

New York Architecture

Condos from the future (soon-to-be-built).

Giles Deacon

For the Spring 2009 show, Giles Deacon used Pacman helmets on the runway (London Fashion Week!)

Not the biggest fan of Giles, but I liked the unexpected throwback.
Fashion week season is the best.

Harley's all ready for Halloween!

My god son (dog?!) is the Pumpkin King!

Advanced Style Blog

Basically The Sartorialist but with old folks! Awesome!!! Old people are my fave!
(click on picture)

Paul Smith + Chet Baker.

Bruce Weber celebrates the 20 year re-release of the classic film 'Lets get lost' with this Paul Smith crew neck featuring stills of the film that documents the 'troubled jazz musician' Chet Baker. Now don't get me wrong, it looks like the cover of a teen-drama paper back...but i'm a big fan of Chet Baker.

Oh, and PS - Lauren Conrad is coming out with a teen novel for next summer. Oh joy.


Because sometimes smoking on its own just isn't cool enough

Glass Ashtray for F/W08.
They have a sweet pair of boxing gloves too...
But you probably already knew that.

Mama Mia

A long time ago I thought I was cool and decided to perm my hair into an afro (this, unfortunately, is how most people remember me). After I did it I came home and my mom was all 'Oh, you got a perm', and I was all 'Holy shit mom, you just took your hair out of rollers and now we actually look like each other'. Here's a picture of that exact moment:

My mom is extremely sick right now and I wish I could go home to visit her. Let's all hope she gets better.

Stoke is high

A few weeks back i organized a fall commercial shoot for the Canadian department store that I do all the advertising styling for. Today I got an email of all of the spot times in 3 major cities that it's playing in. I was pretty stoked to find out that it'll be playing (amongst other various shows) during Oprah, The Biggest Loser, Entertainment Tonight, E! News, and a couple of daytime soaps.

I have a slight feeling that it'll be awesome. The next flyer that comes out will also be the first one of many that's 100% me...be sure to look out for the sweet back drops that our graffic designers put in...along with our killer deals? Go creative team!

Best Web-Shop Ever

"We are working in the field of both young progressive and avant -garde fashion as well as more subtle and classic designs. We take pride in bringing interesting brands and designers together, creating the synergy that is Très Bien Shop. Based in Sweden but available everywhere through this web site, Très Bien Shop ships worldwide. Delivery time is just a few days to everywhere in the world"

Quite possibly one of my 'most visited' websites'...
Mens/Womens/Acessories - click here to take a look-see.

Van Wastell is Dead

We lost another one. 

What's wrong with the world?

I haven't had tv for 9 months and I just bought rabbit ears (remember
those, that's how we watched tv as kids), well aparently the world got
worse well I was away. Can you believe bands like this still exist? I

You know just how to cheer me up Seki.

Big! Burgers!

Whatever Font this Is. It rules.

Here Patrick


Sweet little number

If you're into pink...and HE(A)D (funny?)
Thanks for endless browsing Fixed Gear Gallery.

Glued to the TV

Last night was the season premier of Gossip Girl. There was like 5 make-outs in the opener. So awesome. Tonight is the 2 hour series premier of 90210 (on 9/02? how clever).

Tomorrow marks the first episode of this seasons Americas Next Top Model...cycle 108 or something.

The begining of September is pretty much the best time to be alive and glued to your TV.
Its' too bad that Annina and Patrick don't live here anymore...I need to find some new loser hermits to share my evening tv schedule with while they're partying with Good Charlotte.

Its just not the same :(