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We love Jaime.

Today Stevon and I had a good downtown hangout, but unfortunately things started to go sour as we were heading back to his place in Kits. One of those things was finding out that Jaime had developed a horrible eye infection. Jaime doesn't like going to the Vet. We took her asap and she went absolutely bonkers! It was like watching them try and hold down a 50lb wiggling fish.
Luckily it was a minor infection and will go away after a few days of eye drops (good luck with that Stevon!). Jaime you had us worried for a moment! 

Jaime is my favorite dog in Vancouver, she's the only reason I put up with Stevon.

Oh, and there was also the most beautiful blue eyed snow white/grey spotted cat iv ever seen strutting around at the Vet. Little gypsy had me hypnotized.