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So amazing!!


Susan moves to Toronto in less than 10 hrs.
Leah moves to Toronto on Tuesday.
Tough times...

Patrick, have you seen this picture of James?

I hope not just Patrick understands the awesome/lameness of this photo, and the greatness of having James around (sometimes). Stoked that he's coming back from jumping out of planes to save forest fires! Hopefully its when You guys come too!

Lego Miniman Turns 30 Today

(In their birthday attire, obvs)

Purple Fashion Magazine.

YOUR favorite model made the cover (F/W08) of MY favorite fashion magazine.

ps - super into Yahtzee right now.

Erin Wasson and RVCA

This seems like an unlikely pairing to me.
Model Erin Wasson, Alexander Wangs friend and muse, has released a collection with RVCA.

I think the press shots could have been more effective if they used her as the model.

Bad Kitties

courtesy of: A treat for the Road.

We love Jaime.

Today Stevon and I had a good downtown hangout, but unfortunately things started to go sour as we were heading back to his place in Kits. One of those things was finding out that Jaime had developed a horrible eye infection. Jaime doesn't like going to the Vet. We took her asap and she went absolutely bonkers! It was like watching them try and hold down a 50lb wiggling fish.
Luckily it was a minor infection and will go away after a few days of eye drops (good luck with that Stevon!). Jaime you had us worried for a moment! 

Jaime is my favorite dog in Vancouver, she's the only reason I put up with Stevon.

Oh, and there was also the most beautiful blue eyed snow white/grey spotted cat iv ever seen strutting around at the Vet. Little gypsy had me hypnotized.  

Karl Lagerfeld Teddy Bear

Limited edition - $1500 (U.S)
You guys could go halfsies on it as a fun Christmas gift? To me?

Double-O Push-Up Thong

For ladies that need a little extra oomph.
(photo: not me).

"This is real fast food"

Sega knows some of my favourite things are burgers and shoes.
Thanks for the email.

Hello Blackbird

If you're a dude and you like clothes, you'll like Blackbird.
If you're a chick that likes dudes who wear good clothes, tell them about Blackbird.
If you're ever in Seattle, check it out for sure (click on picture for website/blog).

While in Vancouver, you should still keep up with the new shipments at Gravitypope Tailored Goods (guys and gals) because the fall shipments are starting to arrive and i'm still occasionally there (on weekends) to help you look sooo good.

Newport Beach

Yesterday I went to the beach and realized all I want to do with my
life is hang out on a beach barefoot with a killer tan.
Today I found out it's never gonna happen.

The Fabulous Find

This vintage furniture store is awesome. I went in for the first time and chatted with one of the owners for a bit and they're quite awesome as well! They find great condition Eames fiberglass shells and attach them to new bases, which is rad because all the new Eames shells are plastic. They have lots of really cool stuff, here's a few of my faves...

Eames vintage fiberglass rocking chair

Eames 2 seater bench

These are rad (these also happen to be the exact colors of the ones i left back in Edmonton and still have to ship over).

Hans Olsen for Frem Fojle teak dining table and chairs

I think this guy was sold when i went in.

Anywho, you get the point. They have loads of good stuff! check out their website here.

Hey, remember Brandi from CNTM?

Totally just booked her for a shoot.


I had my first day off in over a month on Sunday, and I made the best off it. 
I slept in late, 9 am. 
Made a pot of coffee; drank ten cups of coffee.
I was feeling pretty good when I finally left the house at 2pm.
I rode my bicycle up to Hollywood Blvd. to help a friend out with some construction.
Its a pretty amazing space and apparently it was the scene of a gay murder, or a cat murderer lived there, or a gay cat... something like that.

It was a fun spot. It was built in the olden days and has hidden walls, a million doors, and fake ceilings that give way to 20 foot ceilings with plaster and clap board.
And toilet paper drywall.

Edward Burtynsky

Edward Burtynsky is my favorite landscape photographer, and now he is trying to change the world.

I think when you see images like this you believe that they could only exist in third world countries, but most of these are images from Canada.

Obey Know?Show? party...

I might show after watching the season premier of The Hills tonight.
But you should probably go, and if you're not on the guest list you should
go earlier than early.

"Slow your roll"

thanks, gnarcore.

Over the Olympics?

Lets face it, Summer games aren't really are thing.
I think we need to focus on something all-together different: (click on pic)

Bianca, get your Parrot Liza in shape for 2012
and Kevin, I think Badgley has a chance in the 4000m Pursuit
Lets do this!

"Blowing up like you thought I would"

Acne is launching a brand extension called New Standard.
Its a women's line that is all about mens wear.
I believe the pictures below are actually New Standard and not Acne.

Acne Fall 08 is bigger than ever too. 
Here are my favorites form the accessory line:

The Phoenix

The Stroll

The Light-Carry

Site: Acne

Bianchi + Acne.

I love Acne and I sure as hell enjoy a good Bianchi...
I'm extremely excited about this. So excited that i missed Phelps probably
winning another gold medal, and breaking another world record.

Thanks for the heads up Maciej.
(click on link for more pictures of the line; Maciej's blog 
about bicycles, books, hiphop/r&b, current events, and more)

Ps. Phelps did indeed win a few more golds today.

Comme des Garçons + H&M

Just a peek...

It could be better, but then again it is H&M (and it's only a preview). Regardless, it might be the reason why I step into H&M for the first time (maybe).


A few months ago we went to Nanimo and I came across a young-buck picture of Patrick from when he use to be gnarly and fun...

Miss you 'Shmere xxoo!!

h(y)r Collective Issue 4

Head on over, it should be more interesting than pics of fat chicks and poop jokes.

New Non-Native Site Up

Every season Non-Native revamps their website and it is always amazing.
These guys have definitely become one of my favorite brands just from the consistent-greatness of their site design.

Major Bummer: there are No North American Dealers.

Free with purchase.

New Spot

Today I worked at the pop-up shop. It was nice to get away from
Fairfax for a minute. Being as it's in Koreatown the food selection is
much better as well. Today I ate Mexican, tomorrow Vietnamese.
I also got to go on a bike ride to get here.

Designer Condoms.

Marc, this is amazing! Available in 5 colors!!

What dreams are made of pt.2

my friend ate the entire thing. i wish i was there. 
one of the (very few) good things about edmonton.

burgers are great.

What dreams are made of

Long weekend

Time for a serious upgrade ice cream bro!

"Why doesn't the ice cream man sell cigarettes?!!"
Good question my little nicotine addicted friend! The ice cream man would make a killing if he added a few items to his inventory (cigarettes, toilet paper, beer, pepperoni sticks, fireworks).

Just saying.