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I just saw a fly poop. It stopped for a second, thought about it, and
let it ripp.
She left a little black spot.


My friend emailed me this news link today.
I'm never taking the Greyhound in the prairies ever again.


I watched the fireworks from a boat on English Bay the other day! Pyrotechnics are super awesome!!!! We were so close i thought the magical sparkles were going to touch my eyeballs.

Hey McGriddles! You should post the pictures you took with Garret from your balcony that you were super stoked on!

Super Nibs!

I love it when these guys are around.
Twizzlers are gay...like Patrick!

5.8 on the Richter scale

I missed the Earthquake.
I went to Starbucks to get some coffee and as I was skating up to the store, thats wen the quake happened.  I walked in to the shop to swinging clothing racks and fixtures and a couple of shocked faces.  But I missed all the shaking.

Here is the plan if a big one happens:
Kev you go to my old place and get my motorcycle from the parking garage.
then come save Annina and I from a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

You ok Patrick?

I guess there was an earthquake down in LA early this morning? let us know your alive bud!

This guy....

Was hiding behind a tree by our house.

Our Buddy Finn

Is a famous model.

I make cupcake towers.

35-50 angel food cupcakes topped with chocolate 
icing stacked and covered in cool whip.

yeah dude. happy birthday nikki.

1971 Bianchi Pista

This beauty sold on Ebay for only $1900! Immaculate condition! What a deal.

He's Got That Look

> This is a real ad in Interior Design Magazine number 8.
> Third page in.

I need one of these.

Hey everyone, I need to get my hands on one of these. I will pay the going rate. 
Let me know if you have one. 

Peep, Peep.

Cyrus, Joey, Wu, Wade and others seem to be on a trip in Montreal.
peep peep

Camel Toe.

Kevin's new bike

Kevin got a new bike.

I wish I knew more.

David Brunning

72" x 30" - Pretty sick! Then again, so is my name.
Check out my long-time buddies website www.thekidbelo.com

Everyones doing it...

Pats Pub!! Tuesday nights 9 - 12!!!!!!! Cheap drinks!!
The regulars sometimes free-style lyrics to your favorites.
Hastings and Dunlevy (don't worry, you can bring your bikes inside!)

Quartiers d'été

Quartiers d'été back up. 

Whistle Tips.

My fellow blogger and real life friend Sekyiwa posted this video about 'Wistle Tips', the newest craze.
Check it out!

True story

"I'd fuck you if you had long hair"
Thanks for making me feel like an uber dyke random shitty dude!! 
Unfortunately, i'm never going to get laid by some gnar overweight bro with hockey hair from Revelstoke.
Numb nutts. 

ps - no homo.


Afasia 1 (pictured) is a nitrogen-powered machine that blasts empty beer bottles at nearly 375 miles an hour at random intervals. The piece is an art installation, part of a show called Superdome, in reference to the New Orleans stadium that has hosted both the NFL's Saints franchise and Katrina refugees.

via: we make money not art

I Think it's Drugs

Once when Kevin and I were friends, we went on a boat ride and almost died somewhere off the coast of Redondo Beach.  It was terrifying. 
Now we don't even talk anymore and I would do anything to be back on that boat, telling each other "everything is going to be OK" and "we are going to make it"... 
But I'm not sure its going to be OK.

Happier Times.

Tan lines

Only in LA

Today at the grocery store I witnessed some awesomeness.
This douchebag having a random "grocery store" type conversation with
a girl. It was about organic protein shakes or something. He stops mid-
sentence, looks her up and down, and says "you're a little hottie,
what's your name?"
I burst out laughing and had to run away. But the best part was the
girl just took it, she didn't laugh, I think she was flattered.
That shit is gross!


periods 101

please watch entire video. all the way to the end. ex oh ex oh - kevin

RZA and Broccoli

"I've been really big on broccoli lately, man. Nah mean? There's a couple of ways to make it. You can saute it with butter and olive oil together. Or i like to soak it in rosemary oil and then lightly fry it. Put that shit over some rice...that shit is tasty, my nigga" (via: vulture)

I love the RZA...and broccoli.

Wheez the juice

Watching movies like this takes off the sting of  being unemployed and homeless. The slang is unbelievable. Pauly Shore says 'buddy', 'dude', and 'bro' twice as much as we do (and thats alot). Watch it!


Mercedes all green by 2015?!

Real Talk!
Mercedes Plans to eliminate the petroleum option from their automobile line by 2015.

Info: theSun.uk

Acne X Lanvin Vol. 2

Sneakers too.

Chewy Dragees

Lately I have been crushing a pack a day of these tasty little bastards.

Street Meat.

Rachelle found a vagina in our back alley and took a picture of it for me.
The people in our building sure know how to get super gnarly. 
Im actually incredibly grossed out by this picture, but how could i not blog about it.
I'll be passing on beef for the next little while...

Worn Out Butler Series : APC

In an ode to 60's ivy-league fashion, APC is releasing the Worn Out Butler series.  Just like in the old days a real person will wear the  clothes and give them the worn-in look that you want, with out sanding and other processes. 
This is the best.
Hopefully the "butlers" will be people who need them. Imagine if a homeless dude wore your jeans for a year.

Alpaca love

this one time patrick and i were watching a 'dirty jobs' episode on alpaca shearing and boner-face patrick got overly excited when the alpacas started to fornicate...i was more so stoked on how uggo (awesome!) they look after getting sheared. 

Patrick, this Alpaca orgy goes out to you.

Simon Evans

I like to display interesting things my washrooms. Simon Evans and his detailed, quirky work would definitely be a candidate for killing time while in the can.

Note:'Middle School of Green Grocers' can also be found as 'Women I'd Fuck In Time'.

A Sealed Fate?

Fashion photographer Nigel Barker (Americas Next Top Model) teamed up with the Humane Society to document baby harp seals in eastern Cananda. Also documented in his photographs and videos was the annual commercial hunt of seals for the sought after furrs. Nigel will be displaying his photos and video (1) in a traveling exhibit 'A Sealed Fate' open to the public (rumored are one hour lectures and tours by Nigel himself) come the end of the month. You can also hit up the humane societies blog and search for more on Nigels trip.

via: nymag

Korg Kaossilator

This is another of my favorites from this summer:
The Korg Kaossilator is a handheld synthesizer withendless possibilities.  Its great for making everyday sound effects as well as 8-bar loops. I think it has 14 trillion different sounds, or something like that.

Lanvin X Acne Jeans

Alber Elbaz, the Lanvin designer, unveiled his new collection with Acne Jeans, which will be available at Barneys New York and Bergdorf Goodman at the end of November.
Using only denim, Elbaz fashioned the iconic fabric into a dress, tuxedo jacket, belted trench, blouson and, naturally, jeans.
The jeans line will range from $550 to $650, while coats will run $1,200 to $1,500. Jewelry and handbags are expected to be priced north of $1,500. Start saving Yonkers.

You Know What I Got This Summer

Inspired by Hiroshi Fujiwara's recent feature at Honeyee.com.
I thought I would show my favorite things from the summer. (Besides real things like: the lake, friends, and my god-daughter )

Opening Ceremonies Canvas Dress Shoe

The Hundreds Rosewood Collection "Charming Man" Tee (not a big Morrissey fan, but its good)

Not Pictured is the Endovanera Jacket that I can't take a proper picture of.


Founded in 2005 by David Michael Hershberger and Mitch Moseley.
Inspired by vintage military garments, trenches, tapered pants, and double-breasted dress shirts feature dark wools and cotton twills with classic tailoring.

The Lake Pt. 2

These pictures are of a landslide.  This pic right here is the close up of a 125'+ tree stuck upside-down maybe 40' in to the ground. A lot of energy was expended here. It was an interesting and powerful place to visit