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Better Late than Never

I was planning to do this months ago, but I will do it today cause I skipped school.
These are the photos Annina took when we moved to LA in January.

We left Vancouver at 5 in the morning on New Years Eve. Annina took the bus because she did not have her American passport at the time. I drove the van through the boarder.

This is the only photo of the van.

We met in Bellingham and got our drive on.

We hit Seattle just at the end of rush hour, around 9am

I started chugging coffee

This beef shop wasn't living up to its name.

I was looking forward to seeing Portland but it was hella foggy.

As we left Portland, the sun came out.

Thanks for the bathrooms Mcdonalds

We were getting really bored at about 4pm.

Annina saw a Big Dogs that was entertaining for 15 seconds.

Oregon is really beautiful.

We passed in to California and missed the best part of the drive though Mt. Shasta because it was so dark.

We stopped in Redding, California at a Best Western around 11pm, after 18 hours of driving we did not feel up to celebrating New Years and fell asleep.

We slept for 4-5 hours and got back on the road.


The fog was so dense that you could only see a few hundred feet ahead of you, and it was icing up the windows, not really what i was expecting California to be like.

The scenery was a little different than what I'm used to at home.

As we got close to the hills of LA it got really windy and dusty.

The van was blowing all over the road, and we almost ran out of gas.

It was so windy you could hardly stand up when we stopped for gas. And when driving a gust of wind would throw the van 2 lanes over in a split second, all the big rigs and campers were pulled over but we really wanted to get there so we soldiered on.

When we saw this giant Silicon breast implant we knew we were close.

The Valley