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It's a Cat-off!
Kev, you better bring some heat.

'Cat Mitt' + George.


His surprised face
the tough-guy
just chillin'


Sal put a new bike in his shop last week, its awesome. You could put a six-pack of soda on there... 
A song to enjoy this bike to:

Oh bugger.

you may or may not be following r.kellys 'i love kiddy porn'
trial but its been pretty awesome thusfar. talks of a mystery
witness were released the other day, and now that the
witness is out of the bag he may not be allowed to testify
because the loser is refusing to give prosecution his SIN #.
aka no one knows who this brotha really is.

Freaks and Geeks

We were watching Freaks and Geeks tonite, and I realized this guy:
Is this guy:

Isn't that great?

Philip-Lorca diCorcia

We went to the Philip-Lorca diCorcia - One Thousand exhibit at LACMA yesterday.
The pictures don't do it justice. If you have the chance to go, it runs until Sept 14th.
Or you can buy the book here.
The hustler series is my favorite. They were all taken on Santa Monica Blvd. in the early 90's.

Hustler Series

Lucky 13 Series
Heads Series

Hey Bianca!

Guess who came in the shop today?

Nick Haymes.

a guy i work with and i ordered a bunch of books from a sweedish company for our store, and they've already arrived! this one in particular 'between dog and wolf' i thought you boys might be interested in. you can look inside it here, and read about the photographer nick haymes here!
you know, because you're skate bro's and all.


Mail Model

I got the most awesome artwork in the Mail!!!! A velvet Hannah Montana Painting!! Custom done by the one and only Bucking Bronco Bianca!! Jealous? Im getting this thing framed. I also recieved an entire Gummy picnic! Gummy pizza, gummy hot dogs, gummy burgers....you name it!!! Pretty much the best mail ive ever gotten! thanks bianca!!!!!!!! ps apparently, Hannah Montana loves the cock?

Gucci flip flops.

brutal poster, but my good friend jon happens to be a super
rad dude and a talented dj!!!! you vancouverites should go see
him - even though its at shine on a friday night.

Chicken N Waffles.

i went out for dinner this weekend and made my friend
get the chicken and waffles - thinking it was going to be gross.
guess what?! it wasnt!!! it was delicious! then here we are with
a new banner...


Rolling Stones at Altamont


Country Joe and the Fish


What's this all about?

America may re-elect an Idiot

Santa Barbara

We went to Santa Barbara this weekend.
The level of wealth is outrageous.

This is my favorite house on Sunset Blvd.

The Bus station in Santa Barbara

Like Kevin and Bianca this football car loves DP

Some old-time buildings.

The Coral Casino

In the distance you can see where all the money comes from. Oil

Cacti in bloom

Pacific Coast Highway

Better Late than Never

I was planning to do this months ago, but I will do it today cause I skipped school.
These are the photos Annina took when we moved to LA in January.

We left Vancouver at 5 in the morning on New Years Eve. Annina took the bus because she did not have her American passport at the time. I drove the van through the boarder.

This is the only photo of the van.

We met in Bellingham and got our drive on.

We hit Seattle just at the end of rush hour, around 9am

I started chugging coffee

This beef shop wasn't living up to its name.

I was looking forward to seeing Portland but it was hella foggy.

As we left Portland, the sun came out.

Thanks for the bathrooms Mcdonalds

We were getting really bored at about 4pm.

Annina saw a Big Dogs that was entertaining for 15 seconds.

Oregon is really beautiful.

We passed in to California and missed the best part of the drive though Mt. Shasta because it was so dark.

We stopped in Redding, California at a Best Western around 11pm, after 18 hours of driving we did not feel up to celebrating New Years and fell asleep.

We slept for 4-5 hours and got back on the road.


The fog was so dense that you could only see a few hundred feet ahead of you, and it was icing up the windows, not really what i was expecting California to be like.

The scenery was a little different than what I'm used to at home.

As we got close to the hills of LA it got really windy and dusty.

The van was blowing all over the road, and we almost ran out of gas.

It was so windy you could hardly stand up when we stopped for gas. And when driving a gust of wind would throw the van 2 lanes over in a split second, all the big rigs and campers were pulled over but we really wanted to get there so we soldiered on.

When we saw this giant Silicon breast implant we knew we were close.

The Valley