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Drunk Rock Band!

it's the best!

i obvs slay on the drums.


I went hiking and drove Mulholland Dr today.


Chanting hippies

mulholland drive

Just walking to the store

For water.

This is on the sidewalk.


Bianca likes it when people puke.


Thanks Little Bird. this is funny...

Not working!

Im trying to upload photos today and its not working!
time to switch this blog to UBER

Happy Earth Day

Earth fact: the earth has a solid inner core (pictured above)

Earth fact#2: it's impossible to dig a hole to China

I remember that Patrick also likes:

Oranges! Lots and lots of Oranges! He likes it even more when
you hold him down and squirt it in his eyes!

Bitch you breakfast

Things I like

Jerking off dolphins.
Two girls one cup cartoons
Fat cats
Bianca's youtube clips
Kevin's comments that always lead back to his cats.



i bet you this guy is more excited about the mc rib
coming back than kevin is.

Hey Patrick!!

Is it weird to suck off Dolphins?


These dudes get paid to do this.


"Shared Propulsion Car" by Montreal artist Michel De Brion.
One day his friends took it out for a ride.

speaking of mid century modern....

Heres yoda chilling on a cats cradle, or low rod eames chair.

Mid-Century Modernist

One of the sites I look at is midcenturymodernist. Its a a good place to look at furniture you cant afford, but if your resourceful, you could steal it from a Airport or a University. Its a nice place to dream.

When I was a kid we had a tulip table (like the one pictured) It was not a real Saarinen , my mum thinks it was from Ikea. I used playmoblie guys to skate the tranny of the base, it was awesome. I wonder what happened to that table?

In other news:
One of my favorite people that I only met once, Little Bird, has a blog now. Look at it. 


please feed and take care of annina for me.
we missed you this weekend! it wasn't the same. for sure.
although she did like sharing a bed with me waaay more...
and you thought the rides at disneyland were rad.
so seductive!!!! boys drool!!!! just kidding!!
friends forever!!!


James rode a bear

More Amusement

Today we are at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

We met donald

Best shirt yet

Strollers everywhere


The cat from next door ate some too

Happy Birthday

James and I know how much you love World of Warcraft, so we baked you a cake and ate it.
Happy Birthday buddy!
Your not stupid.

Tube Steak.

last night i had a dream. kevin was in it. he was eatting a steak
sandwich and making out with carlos the new guy. i then woke
up remembering that i had to pack for van AND it just so happened
to be the old farts birthday...happy birthday mc griddles!
(even though you hate me because patrick likes me more)