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The Hood

Update: We don't live in the hood, we live in the gayborhood
but still...

The neighborhoods been a little sketchy this last week. It seems like the ghetto birds have been making nightly visits to our surrounding area. 

So far this week: 
A man shot a 5 times and died,  2 blocks away.
High speed car chase went by our house, then turned into a foot race just down the block.
70 year old man stabbed to death while out for a walk.
and last night someone was found dead with an arrow in their chest.

I think this is just a regular week in LA. I  have been here long enough that the initial stage of disillusionment and wonderment is gone,  I'm starting to see this place for what it is. It's a dirty city full of fake people with nothing in their heads but a list of people they know.