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Hey Kevin,
I received your issue of Mandate in the mail today. Have you been getting my Lee Valley Tools catalogue? We may have our subscriptions mixed up.

Annina's alternate Post:
Hey Kevin,
Wanna go for a ride?

Teeth Tattoos.

no, really!


Stupid Patrick.

Utah Saints

There Back!

source: theclones.fr

Female seeking Male

5'2" SWF, thin, athletic
Looking for a man to work out and share her life with.

Accept it!

Dodgers win

That's where we thought we were sitting.

We got scammed on the tickets

You probably can't see it, but shit got mad heated in the stands.
Aparently there is lots of Bostontonians in LA


Daryl...Daryl ...



Anything can happen

Darth Vader dropped by today.

Badgleys fave book!


wu tang? bill murray? coffee? best.


Torch to Summit Mt Everest

Tibetans are not stoked, and with good cause.
France is thinking about boycotting the olympics.

Don't be mad


Fur Comet.

Don't be jealous Kev, but Patrick invited
me to be his new blogging friend.

What I ate.



Started with a sandwich from canters.

What Happened?

Hey Kev remember when you posted this.

Ships: Terror on the High Seas

Its been a bad week to be a boat.

This is the good ship Maro crashed up near Spain
And here is the Artemis all sand-sitting on the Westcoast of France.
The ocean is the real terrorist. 

Images  CBC.ca

Watch out Utah!

Nick already posted this a few months ago, but its pretty amazing.
Its a missile! 

google map this shit: +38° 13' 36.20", -112° 17' 56.53


Kev your boyfriend has a four pack on her chest!
I asked to see a picture, not a video... but the new apartment looks good. two floors, your killing the game.

Porno for Patrick

Total Recall Roid Woman Will Crush You - Watch more free videos

Missing you

Lately I have been missing my old bike, I'm not really sure why? But it was a lot of fun.

Look how gross it was when I started riding it...
Oh my things change over the years.

I wonder where it is now? and i wonder if it ever got a new fork?

Leap Years

With all the Kermit x Supreme I see everywhere I turn,  I've been thinking what a great show the Muppets was. 

So if it was up to me I would bring it back.

Remember Animal

That shit was blanging.

How about Fraggle Rock?
The big guys on the other side of the rock scared the shit out of me. I used to scream and run when they came on.

The Hood

Update: We don't live in the hood, we live in the gayborhood
but still...

The neighborhoods been a little sketchy this last week. It seems like the ghetto birds have been making nightly visits to our surrounding area. 

So far this week: 
A man shot a 5 times and died,  2 blocks away.
High speed car chase went by our house, then turned into a foot race just down the block.
70 year old man stabbed to death while out for a walk.
and last night someone was found dead with an arrow in their chest.

I think this is just a regular week in LA. I  have been here long enough that the initial stage of disillusionment and wonderment is gone,  I'm starting to see this place for what it is. It's a dirty city full of fake people with nothing in their heads but a list of people they know. 

Observatory = Touristy


Not so hazy to the south

Hazy Day


waiting all day, next to the radio, to press record?

I miss

And being a kid, and  swimming. 

Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes

World record! longest poop!

This is pretty much the coolest thing ever. This girl teamed up with actual scientists to create a special diet that enabled her to fill the entire length of her colon with her beautiful feces. A bowling alley actually let her perform the feat on one of their alleys! So here it is in all its poopy glory! a 26 foot long shit!!! awesome!!!