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Marc by Marc's window

I did some more research...

His name is Troy James Hurtubise
and he has invented a whole plethora of things including: fire retardant paste, bullet proof paste, and just recently he has been working on a new suit for the military.

Bear Suit

Does anyone remember this guy? He made that suit so he could fight a Grizzly bear, Passionate Eye did a documentary on him.
An  insane French-Canadian, he really made our nation proud.

He was the O.G. Grizzly Man, and not a hoax.

Special Delivery

We recieved a box of Clamato in the mail the other day.


I don't have cable, but I really like TV, so the past few months have been a little hard for me. On sunday while trying to  watch the Oscars online (you can't), I stumbled on this: ABC LINK.
All 4 seasons of Lost streaming in HD. I basically have TV to watch for the next 6 months. AND there is only 5 commercials per episode. I never watched Lost before but now Im hooked. Oh and I can hook my computer to the TV so I don't have to watch it on a little screen. 

In cheese news...

"European Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that only the tasty, crumbly cheese that has been made for some 800 years near the Italian city of Parma can legally be called Parmesan."


"Its not really hot fire, more like warm tea"

Bianca, let me know if you need some custom graphics?

Kyle draws

He is like a magician with a pencil.


My stupid friend Kyle is here.

Hey there little buddy

Estate Sales

Annina found these at an estate sale the other day. What an amazing
find. Mono-flesh-tone.

Part 2

Part 3

Happy Valentines Day!!

Its Patrick!!!


In n' Out and Hollywood High.

I will, I will!

Sorry Bianca

I could not afford the other letters and the pilot was dislexic.