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My (not so) triumphant return!!

Well, after literally months of not posting, or even looking at this blog, I have finally awoken from my non inspired slumber. Just like all great writers I too have suffered from a loss of creativity and the will to put pen to paper (so to speak). I will try to outline here the major contributers to my lack of posting prowess.

Firstly, and please consider this a public service announcement brought to you by your friends at Lovelikelightning, I blame my internet absence on the sweet, sweet cheeba. As many of my close friends will attest, I have recently discovered the debaucheries of befriending a bong. Mary jane had a tight hold on me and she just wouldn't let go. Her smokey arms would hold me tight every night as i lay destitute, and unaware as this seemingly harmless gateway drug engulfed me in its psychedelic splendor. As "just say no" would rattle through my brain like a freight train every night as i drifted in and out of dream land i had an epiphany. No, not the new T-pain album, but a stark realization that my readers needed me, and i had to beat this addiction to become whole again.

Lastly, and this is the ironic part, the reason i haven't been posting is because i am suffering through a nasty bout of depression. The reason I turned to the doobies, and to the bong, is because i am trying to deal with the loss of my best friend and blog-mate Patrick. He left me all alone and moved to L.A.. I started using the drugs to cope with him not being around. In turn, the drugs made me a retard that couldnt turn on a computer and make a post on OUR blog.

This is a public apology. Patrick, I am sorry i haven't been pulling my weight around here. I swear i have this thing beaten and i am healthy again. I hope L.A. is treating you well, and I wish you all the best. I miss you dearly and pray you will be supportive as i battle the weed demons that have controlled me for far too long. (3 weeks)

Raise your glasses everyone!! Lovelikelightning is whole again!!

Stay clean kids!! Take it from me.