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NKOTB 2008

So I'm watching "The View" this morning and that annoying little Republican chick was like "omg New Kids on the Block are doing a Reunion Tour, I'm so excited" 
Then I said "waaaaa"
and then the little Republican was all "they are so awesome, their like my Beetles"
Whoopie gets this crazy look in her eye and remarks "oh no, you did not just compare New kids on the Block to The Beetles"
I agreed "not the same".

So, New Kids on the Block Reunion Tour 2008.

Look what I bought today.

On a Lighter Note.

Look how ghetto organic food can be if you try really hard. Wine,
weiners, beans and freedom fries.

Violence in Kenya

If you haven't heard there is some serious shit going down in Kenya.
See below for articles:


Don't bring Badgly when you come to LA, they might turn her in to sand.


Hey!!! Badgley knows that dog!!! weird that you posted that!!


You can appreciate this.


So sensitive

New hawt shit!

Green screens.

"don't make her blue if you know what's good for you, she's so
sensitive to the touch"

We don't have cable so we watch a lot of public tv.
This show is two dudes just freestyling random shit infront of a
screen of randomness. Their 45ish.

"moving with my body, talking with my mind" -then fake crowd cheers

Just living the dream.


The roof leaked on my bike.

That's a fucking ugly baby.

Why dont you cry about it saddlebags?

Poor Patrick had a rainy day in california!!

Global Warming

Its so cold in LA.

It rained so hard last night our roof started leaking, and when the
wind blows it blows straight through our old ass house.

I think I would rather be home in the snow, at least we had insulation
in our walls.

Its not all beaches and palm trees anymore.

I know its worse elsewhere, but I expected it to be a little warmer.

Stacey Q - 2 of Hearts

This ones for Yonkers

Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson Photography

Rockers NYC Preview

Kev, I know you're not smoking weed anymore but you can still rock RockersNYC.

Kev's Back!

I drew this picture of you giving the bong the "boot" I hope it will
inspire you.
Welcome back. I've missed you.

My (not so) triumphant return!!

Well, after literally months of not posting, or even looking at this blog, I have finally awoken from my non inspired slumber. Just like all great writers I too have suffered from a loss of creativity and the will to put pen to paper (so to speak). I will try to outline here the major contributers to my lack of posting prowess.

Firstly, and please consider this a public service announcement brought to you by your friends at Lovelikelightning, I blame my internet absence on the sweet, sweet cheeba. As many of my close friends will attest, I have recently discovered the debaucheries of befriending a bong. Mary jane had a tight hold on me and she just wouldn't let go. Her smokey arms would hold me tight every night as i lay destitute, and unaware as this seemingly harmless gateway drug engulfed me in its psychedelic splendor. As "just say no" would rattle through my brain like a freight train every night as i drifted in and out of dream land i had an epiphany. No, not the new T-pain album, but a stark realization that my readers needed me, and i had to beat this addiction to become whole again.

Lastly, and this is the ironic part, the reason i haven't been posting is because i am suffering through a nasty bout of depression. The reason I turned to the doobies, and to the bong, is because i am trying to deal with the loss of my best friend and blog-mate Patrick. He left me all alone and moved to L.A.. I started using the drugs to cope with him not being around. In turn, the drugs made me a retard that couldnt turn on a computer and make a post on OUR blog.

This is a public apology. Patrick, I am sorry i haven't been pulling my weight around here. I swear i have this thing beaten and i am healthy again. I hope L.A. is treating you well, and I wish you all the best. I miss you dearly and pray you will be supportive as i battle the weed demons that have controlled me for far too long. (3 weeks)

Raise your glasses everyone!! Lovelikelightning is whole again!!

Stay clean kids!! Take it from me.


Woody Allen Interview

There is an interview with Woody today on CBC radio 1 at 11am PT today. if you lucky enough to be in the area, tune in. Or you can download the podcast later, that is what I'm going to do.

Shin Inagaki

 If your looking for website work, check out my friend Shin's Website. www.shininagaki.com  
He has produced some of the better websites in Vancouver, like Livestock and IE.

Kevin learned some stunts

I shot this video of Kevin doing some stunts on his bike. He is getting really good.


So kylie minogue is 4" 2' I was introduced to her tonight. Not what
you would think. Hmm....
Bobby Fisher died today.


The caliber of books at my school is dynamite.

Art School?

Im dressing in all black these days.

Major Marketing

Giant Nike/P-Rod ad downtown.

Bubble Gum

Looks Good, but discontinued.

Chicken Tacos

Delicious ......


The last 15 seconds....

Bicycling in L.A.

I rode from West Hollywood to Downtown today. I was expecting it to be a lot more frightening than it was.
Most people ride on the sidewalk here so when cars see you on the road
they give you lots of space.
Its 23 degrees today.
I went by LaFayette park, and snapped a photo. That's right downtown.

New Hood

Marc, Juergen and Victoria?

Those are Victoria Beckham's legs and this is the new Spring 08 ad campaign. 

Thanks for the Wine

I miss you guys.

Los Angeles

Kevin I saw this diamond and thought of you.


After what seems like forever, but was only a couple of weeks I have
the Internet again.
It was hard, but I made it through. And now I can blog from my phone,
so I should be posting more often