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Happy New Years?

Bear Mountain

Look where I am today.

It all starts tonight!!!

Stack The Bones

Kris got me this!!
Sega also got me a deck of Hanna Montana Uno.
That's all I got Patrick. Don't feel bad that no one loves you.

It was just Christmas....

And guess what I got?
Absolutely nothing.

I wish I got these:

Leather Town Gloves by Rapha 

Moscot Eyewear & Eyecare

Annie Costelo Brown

I'm into leather.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This must be the place

Pokka Milk Coffee

Check the face, so rad. Spermatezoid!

Even when it's soo bad...

Justin Bobby is still sooo good.

I made Yodagami.

True: there's going to be a Star Wars musical.
False: I made this/these.


Usually I have a pretty good view of downtown, and the mountains.

Xmas cheer popcorn. Always a party pleaser.


Little Pint made a 'Plenty of Fish' account to assist in trolling for seed.


78% of Gastown is covered in yellow snow. Most of which i'm fairly sure is not from dogs. Thus, there is a pool of human pee forming in my office from the snow that's melting from off of my boots.

My holiday cheer is exploding right now.

Venice Beach

It's been raining and cold here in LA all week (we had frost on our car Friday morning), 
but yesterday the sun came out. 
A friend and I headed to Venice beach to scout a location for a photo shoot.

Obamas first action

Look what I found

A whole box full of neat things were found today!!

Wood Wood + Medicom

I enjoy Wood Wood's collaborations.

Wood Wood also did a collab with Converse a little while ago. I think they're great as well.

Perhaps I shall attempt to make a snowman tonight?


Its really cold here this week

I have no winter jacket. I had to wear Zacs today and I look like a goon. Its like 80 sizes too big. Bianca needs to get a winter jacket today. It's snowing a lot.
I hate Patrick.

Ps - Zac I wore your coat today.
Pss - I hope your having a horrible time in Sweden or whatever.

If you're going for fingerless you might as well do it right...

Fingerless Gloves Type of Cold

LA is not created for the cold. Our office has no heat so we are all
wrapped in blankets with Hella layers on.
I was the only person in the office that owns gloves.

"Hotel Fun"

It's a good weekend t-shirt.


Via: cerre.com

I ate lots of these last night

So small. So delicious!

Alexander McQueen key chains

So rad. Feel free to buy the black one for me?
Only $265 each - Holt Renfrew

Maison Martin Margiela weekend bag

White canvas & calfskin - available January.

Swarovski jet black crystal filled Casio

I just bought this 'watch' from Inform on my break.
I might not ever wear it, but it looks sweet on display.