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Lakai Telford low Japan ltd.

Might have to hop on a plane to Japan to cop these bad boys.....

Whatever Nick!

Apparently, what I always thought is true. I'm worth far more dead than alive.
$4325 to be exact. Now all I need is a buyer.
Sorry Kev, I wont trade for your bike.

Find out what your worth. http://www.justsayhi.com/bb/cadaver

couple of things to do tonight

Do this:

Then This:

Then go home and sleep-in. Cause you deserve it.

Wet Streets

Exciting New Things

next week

CND$ = US$

Totally the Same

Its a good day to buy.

3/4 Sleeve Button-Up

Think Silly came up with a good idea, I always roll my sleeves up, with this i would not have to.


So, today on the way to work, Patrick pointed out how lovley the lavender smelled. Yeah...he really did.


Kev had a big cellphone bill last month.

Congrats Christy Malzlegas

These babes are getting married!


If you were in Winnipeg last Friday, hopefully you were there.

Super Champion

Right in the heart of the ghetto.
Go support!! if you ride bikes.

Mash SF at Freshness

BLog like Lightning!

Jack Purcell + All Star + Weapon


So does this make Mountain Dew cool? or....


Thats where we are, come and see us.
I will post more photos through out the weekend. When I get batteries for my camera.

Gonna be the best night ever!

Tonight at GM Place, I will be there!

In other Fourstar news

Mike McDermott

Its official, Mike no longer rides for Matix and is now on Fourstar.
He is also on the cover of SBC, nice work Mike.

New Am on DVS

Kenny Hoyle is the newest AM on DVS Shoes

Log Kit

This looks delicious!!!