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A Wicked Winnipeg weekend, WAM at the plaza!

So I headed to Winnipeg this weekend for the first annual Wam contest at the forks plaza. Rogers put up some pretty heavy cash money for this thing, so a whole lotta people cruised into the pretty place on the prairies where the assinaboine meets the Red river.

The guys at SK8 skates did a bang up job organizing this thing, and the whole weekend went off without a hitch. Big shout out to everyone that helped out to make this event possible. Plans are already in effect to do the contest next summer with even more prize money!

Here's a small sampling of some pictures to wet your whistle. More to come in the next day or so....

Here is few pics of Sk8. Store is looking good!

Mr. McDermott skating super fuckin good all weekend. He qualified 6th overall going into the finals, which put him in contention to win some of that proverbial "cash money"......unfortunalty, the little dummy fucked his foot up jumping into the pool the morning of finals. And no, I am not talking about the pool at the skatepark. He did it at the pool in his hotel while trying to take a swim. DUMMY!

A lil overview of the park. Thousands of people showed up over the course of the weekend.

The judges.

So after the deal was done....heres who won some money.
Paul Trep killed both of the best trick contests. switch double heels and nollie bigspin heels down the double set, as well as a switch flip back tail down the hubba. First try.Easy couple Thousand bucks for Trep. Ryan Decenzo got runner up in best trick, and picked up some cash and new cell phones from rogers. Our fave friend Joey williams picked up a couple hundy, as well as a young cody davis from Minnesota. Hometown ripper Jason Crolly picked up $1500 for a solid 3rd place, and Magnus Hanson got $3000 for a well deserved 2nd. First place went to none other than yound Scott Decenzo. He totally killed it all weekend, and he was hecka stoked on the BIG $8000 he gets for first place.

After the prize money was all given out, it was time for a good ol' fashioned product toss. Kids were hecka stoked.

A good time had by all!

More pictures to come this week!