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Did you know that the end of a shoelace is called an "aglet"? I sure didn't! I used to fancy myself quite the "sneakerhead".......until now. I seriously had no idea!

I got this from wikipedia:

An aglet or aiglet is a small plastic or metal cladding on the end of shoelaces (or any type of lace, though shoelaces are the most commonly referenced) that keeps the twine from unraveling. The word "aglet" (or "aiglet") comes from Old French "aguillette" (or "aiguillette"), which is the diminutive of "aguille" (or "aiguilee"), meaning "needle".

So next time you find yourself with some loser talking about sneakers, drop that gem of knowledge on them! They wont know what hit em! Make sure you finish with " Act like U know!" (or some other sweet street venacular)