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Summer's Over Skate Jam and Afterparty

Kind of depressing.


Slashy Jack

Nelson Conway got slashtacular on Monday night. Pretty awesome photo.

Lord of the Lines

Matix Lord of the Lines went down on Saturday, all in all it was a really amazing event. It was held in Downtown Vancouver on Granville St. About 30 riders showed up.

Crowds were huge, everyone was stoked to see some world class skateboarding.
We got through the the first 3 heats before it started to pour with rain.

Our MC for the day Cyrus kept the party going through the rain by holding a couple redbull drinking contest for a Matix jacket and a pair of jeans. One winner had 7, bad idea.

Cyrus Master of Ceremonies with the family. (thanks again)

Dave and Danny even stuck it out through the rain.

Then the Zombies showed up and it got weird.

While we were waiting for the streets to dry we had the Cliche best trick contest on the flatbar. I did not get one good photo.
While moving a tent I poured about 20 liters of water on my head and my camera so it went in to the van to dry out.

While it was drying we held a highest ollie contest for $50 big ones.

Alien won, it was his birthday. He made it over 7 maybe 8 boards stacked old school.

The street finally dried up and the judges were back to work. Thanks again to Alex from Underworld and Jon and Nelson from the Supra warehouse.

Stever was a judge but he was so baked he could not see the manny pad at the end of the course. He left to go pick something up, and never came back.
Despite the rain and the zombies we finally made it to the final round.

Stacey Gabriel, Dustin Montie, Spencer Hamilton, Kevin Wu, and Desmond (sorry Desmond I don"t know your last name). Everyone killed it, but there was a winner.

Dustin Montie Runner-up - One Hundred Clams

Spencer Hamilton ended up taking home $300 smackers with the best line of:
Manuel pad - FS 180 to switch nose manny FS 180 out.
Flat Bar - Nollie Bigspin to FS lipslide
Ledge - Fakie 5.0.

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the event! Especially Cyrus and Alex, could not have done it with out you!

I have a few sequences coming and I'm sure there will be more photos worth posting.
So check back.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery

thanks for the link matt!

Half Alive Tonight!!

Matix presents Lord of the Lines in Vancouver

Pursuit Frame

New frame from a company called Geekhouse. The fork is hideous but the frame is pretty cool looking.

For your veiwing pleasure.

DVS "City of Dogs" followed by Matix "AMs Going Green"

Transient Killer Whales hunting seals

I watched it live this weekend.
Truly one of the most amazing / life altering things I have ever, and will ever see in my life.
And i didn't have a camera.

Made in...

So yesterday i meet this bro. Told him i was from winnipeg, he freaks out, pulls down his pants, and shows me this......Made in Manitoba

A Wicked Winnipeg weekend, WAM at the plaza!

So I headed to Winnipeg this weekend for the first annual Wam contest at the forks plaza. Rogers put up some pretty heavy cash money for this thing, so a whole lotta people cruised into the pretty place on the prairies where the assinaboine meets the Red river.

The guys at SK8 skates did a bang up job organizing this thing, and the whole weekend went off without a hitch. Big shout out to everyone that helped out to make this event possible. Plans are already in effect to do the contest next summer with even more prize money!

Here's a small sampling of some pictures to wet your whistle. More to come in the next day or so....

Here is few pics of Sk8. Store is looking good!

Mr. McDermott skating super fuckin good all weekend. He qualified 6th overall going into the finals, which put him in contention to win some of that proverbial "cash money"......unfortunalty, the little dummy fucked his foot up jumping into the pool the morning of finals. And no, I am not talking about the pool at the skatepark. He did it at the pool in his hotel while trying to take a swim. DUMMY!

A lil overview of the park. Thousands of people showed up over the course of the weekend.

The judges.

So after the deal was done....heres who won some money.
Paul Trep killed both of the best trick contests. switch double heels and nollie bigspin heels down the double set, as well as a switch flip back tail down the hubba. First try.Easy couple Thousand bucks for Trep. Ryan Decenzo got runner up in best trick, and picked up some cash and new cell phones from rogers. Our fave friend Joey williams picked up a couple hundy, as well as a young cody davis from Minnesota. Hometown ripper Jason Crolly picked up $1500 for a solid 3rd place, and Magnus Hanson got $3000 for a well deserved 2nd. First place went to none other than yound Scott Decenzo. He totally killed it all weekend, and he was hecka stoked on the BIG $8000 he gets for first place.

After the prize money was all given out, it was time for a good ol' fashioned product toss. Kids were hecka stoked.

A good time had by all!

More pictures to come this week!