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Color 5.3 Release Party in LA

Color Magazine is hosting a party in Los Angeles on Thursday Aug 2nd at the CHA CHA.
If you cant be there for the party pick up the special photo issue (5.3) its the best one yet.

New Haircut

In an even weirder move, one of us got a new haircut, from the other one.

Where The Wild Things Are

My favorite book as a child is now a feature length film, due out in October 2008.
Spike Jonze is involved so you know its going to be good.

First Paris, now Nicole?

Ok.....seriously. Nicole has gotta start coming up with her own shit. Always biting Paris. Nicole has just been sentenced to spend 4 days in the slammer. Rad. It's her second DUI in 4 years. Oh, and she is also rumored to be prego. Looks like shes gonna one-up Paris after all!

Weird move LV

In a totally weird move, Louis Vuitton has chosen Mikhail Gorbachev to be the new spokesperson for the line. As the former leader of the U.S.S.R, I'm sure he will do a great job boosting sales for bootleggers around the world. Louis Vuitton, the grey market slalutes you!
In other news, rumors are circulating that Jean Paul Gaulthier plans on releasing a line of Colognes to be endorsed by Nelson Mandela.
OK, that last part was a lie.

Pedal Mafiosa

Look what happened.

Green Mountain Music Festival

12 hours, 11 bands, a soccer ball and mini donuts.

Remember to put it on your calendar for next year.

Why I go to Skateboarding Events

Hot dogs.

Coastal Riders Fraser Heights Skate Jam, included an entertaining JalapeƱo eating contest.

The kid who won was shaking like crazy and is probably still sick today.

Poor Kid. This is just the beginning of the pain, wait till tomorrow morning.

A good showing of Surr-dog locals.

Half Alive - Tonite Only

If you are in Vancouver tonight, go to Richards on Richards and enjoy.


Skate Mental and NikeSB

Skate Mental and Nike teamed up, in what is commonly known as a "collaboration", and created this. Only 666 pairs were made.

Image from Hypebeast, go there if you want to see more pics

Lakai Fully Flared November 16th

Lakai will be debuting the video November 16th in Los Angeles. November 17th in Vancouver. There will also be premieres in London and Lyon but I don't know the dates yet.
Also there is a new trailer on the Lakai site. www.lakai.com