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This is what lovelikelightning looks like.

How attractive!

Killer Buds

Next time your smoking the "Chron", pass that "Cheeba Cheeba" Kevs way.
Welcome to my world Buds.

Fix Push


Did you know?

Kevin got a credit in the "thanks" section of FULLY FLARED.
A severely mentally disabled child's dream has come true.
Send donations here.

Fully Flared

Nick over at Schralpblog stole this from our site.
But I don't blame him, people just want to associate themselves with awesomeness of this caliber.

Are you ready for this?

Cooler bikes than Kev's

"A new biker gang is roaming the streets of Richmond Hill, Queens. This crew of mostly teenagers can be seen riding along 103rd Avenue just west of the Van Wyck Expressway. The bikes roar, but the booming sound has nothing to do with engines — because there are no engines. They are ordinary bicycles, not motorcycles, although these contraptions look and sound more like rolling D.J. booths."

full article on the nytimes.com

Thanks http://quartiersdete.info


So, after the x-rays yesterday it looks like yoda may have eaten some plastic or something. There is some kind of blockage in her tummy. they have her on meds and are waiting to see if it will pass. if not she will have to have surgery this week. I will keep you all posted. If you are in vancouver feel free to stop by and visit her! i am leaving for california right now till friday so she will be scared and lonely. she is at the Cypress animal hospital at the corner of cypress and cornwall. Just ask for Yoda!

Yoda #2

Our thoughts are with you Yodders!

Since Yoda's mum is a deadbeat, and walked out on the 3 of them, Kevin has been paying for everything. Between beauty school for Badgley and these unforeseen medical expenses, it getting hard to make ends meet.
Kevin is accepting donations. Please send checks to 2758 Rupert St.
Vancouver BC
V5M 3T7


Today i had to bring yoda into the animal hospital for the second time in 2 days. The vets are doing bloodwork and xrays to find out whats wrong with her. Please keep her in your thoughts this week.

Tonight at Antisocial

I love We Love Paris

El Gestap-bro!

Kev grew a sweet new mustache.


Compiled by The Bevis Frond's Nick Saloman, Return Of The Instro-Hipsters Volume 2 brings us 20 more superb groovy instrumentals designed to stimulate and relax in equal measure and explores that brightly-hued subculture which brought together session men, orchestras, rock bands and jazzers in a mirrorball flash of melodic inspiration and rhythmic expression.

I wrote that, in the 60's.

This is the Place

My dad was always a huge fan of the Talking Heads, I think thats why I turned out all right.

Cliché 10 Year Anniversary Book

Resumé is the Cliché 10 Year anniversary book which will be released early spring 2008.
The 148 page hardcover book will recount the history of the brand from 1997 to 2007. It will feature various stories, the making of all the videos, rider interviews, artist collaborations, and the best shots from photographers who have followed the team over the last ten years.

Real Talk!

Home for Dinner


The cool kids tell me this is what we all want for Christmas.

Real Talk!

Fully Happening

This weekend at the Empire Theatre on Granville.
AfterParty at Shine 364 Water St.


Did you know that America has 90 guns for every 100 people?
The next closest county is India with 4 guns per 100.

Of all small arms manufactured in the world 1/2 are consumed by Americans.

Thats over 4 million hand guns bought and sold in the US every year.

Moral of the story??

Some Exciting Changes

We now have a more energy wasting background colour, a new font, and we picked up some sponsors:

LoveLikeLightning/Real Talk now brought to you by:
-the letters E and L
-the American Handgun Industry
-Cybill Shepherd

Name Change

Its getting way more real in here.

Cool Jesus!

Movie of the Day #2

Billy Jack (1971)

Billy Jack is a half-Indian/half-white ex-Green Beret who is being drawn more and more toward his Indian side. He hates violence, but can't get away from it in the white man's world. Pitting the good guys, the students of the peace-loving free-arts school in the desert vs. the conservative bad guys in the near-by town, the movie plays definitive late-60s themes/messages: anti-establishment, make love not war, the senseless slaughter of God's creatures, the rape of society (figuratively and literally), two-sided justice, racial segregation and prejudices, and basic socialist ideals.

Found this at W-base

Movie of the Day

Norman's Awesome Experience (1989)

Plot: Eighties Geneva, Switzerland. "Rockabily hipster" Norman, who just happens to be a nuclear physicist, is seduced by a fashion model and lets her and the photographer Umberto into the lab. Unfortunately Norman's slightly mad fellow scientist is trying to win the Nobel Prize that afternoon, and the three of them get zapped back in time to the Roman Empire.

Suppers Ready

I tried a different photo format today.

Hotel Chevalier

hotel chevalier from nextdoor on Vimeo.

Its hard to find here. (canada)

My Frames for Sale


You can buy it.


If you watch one YOUTUBE video this year, please let it be this.

I love these guys.

It's Patricks Birthday!!

....and no one cares but Jesus.

High Jump in the Warehouse

Kevin won.


Probably not, the rest of Canada is not sharing in the excitement.
I had sleepless night before these showed up.
Oh well, fuck'em.

Save Energy

Use Blackle

Click the Pic to link.

Lakai Telford low Japan ltd.

Might have to hop on a plane to Japan to cop these bad boys.....

Whatever Nick!

Apparently, what I always thought is true. I'm worth far more dead than alive.
$4325 to be exact. Now all I need is a buyer.
Sorry Kev, I wont trade for your bike.

Find out what your worth. http://www.justsayhi.com/bb/cadaver

couple of things to do tonight

Do this:

Then This:

Then go home and sleep-in. Cause you deserve it.

Wet Streets

Exciting New Things

next week

CND$ = US$

Totally the Same

Its a good day to buy.

3/4 Sleeve Button-Up

Think Silly came up with a good idea, I always roll my sleeves up, with this i would not have to.


So, today on the way to work, Patrick pointed out how lovley the lavender smelled. Yeah...he really did.


Kev had a big cellphone bill last month.

Congrats Christy Malzlegas

These babes are getting married!


If you were in Winnipeg last Friday, hopefully you were there.

Super Champion

Right in the heart of the ghetto.
Go support!! if you ride bikes.

Mash SF at Freshness

BLog like Lightning!

Jack Purcell + All Star + Weapon


So does this make Mountain Dew cool? or....


Thats where we are, come and see us.
I will post more photos through out the weekend. When I get batteries for my camera.

Gonna be the best night ever!

Tonight at GM Place, I will be there!

In other Fourstar news

Mike McDermott

Its official, Mike no longer rides for Matix and is now on Fourstar.
He is also on the cover of SBC, nice work Mike.